Localization and brand building-how do Chinese security companies expand overseas markets?

- May 10, 2018-

From product sales to customized solutions, it is the transformation of the company's overseas marketing model. For all companies, the long-term strategy for opening up overseas markets is closely related to localization and brand building.


In order to penetrate into the development of overseas regional markets, localization is the most effective way. However, it is not easy to fully and deeply implement localization. Yu Jian Gong Jian said that the localization of overseas markets can not be achieved overnight, its rhythm and form test the ability of the company's layout. The local business conditions, market environment, and local channel system construction are all factors that need to be considered in localization. Localization will help manufacturers close to end users, understand industry needs, and improve response efficiency. Based on the needs of localized project collections, locking down users' pain points, and developing user explosions, such solutions are more competitive.


The high investment in financial, human, and material resources required for localization is a problem for SMEs. Maggie said that setting up its own branch or office has a large investment, and it has higher requirements on the strength of the company and the quality of its employees. For SMEs, the current more appropriate approach is to find some suitable dealers in the local area to work together. Enterprises can visit dealers regularly, exchange information, understand market information, and formulate sales strategies.


Zhao Peng, director of the International Business Department of Shenzhen Ai Li An Security Equipment Co., Ltd., also mentioned that companies of different sizes need targeted entry. For medium and small-sized ethnic security enterprises with relatively small volumes, identifying value positioning in the international market, finding opportunities for market segments, optimizing product quality and after-sales service are also areas for the overseas project market. Effective Ways.


After a period of savage OEM growth, more and more manufacturers began to realize the importance of brand building in the international market. It is a “business card” that companies use in overseas markets. A good brand image can also enhance the brand. Premium space.


Zhu Xi, deputy general manager of Suzhou Keda Overseas Branch Co., Ltd. believes that earnestly serving each customer, partner, and doing more successful cases with good reputation, is the way for the company to continuously increase brand awareness and reputation. Chen Lei said that the brand's premium ability depends on the product's quality, service, word-of-mouth, and internal service capabilities. Enterprises need to spend a lot of energy in this regard. Gong Jian stressed that China's security brand needs to be based on "products" in order to effectively increase brand premium space.


Due to political, economic, and cultural differences, Chinese security companies must not only focus on products, channels, and branding in the process of expanding overseas markets. At the same time, we should also strengthen the awareness of information security and intellectual property in particular. In overseas markets, especially countries such as Europe and the United States that emphasize personal privacy and patent rights in particular, the requirements for imported products are more stringent.