Lianjian (China) Technology Co., Ltd. adopts our company's walk through gate

- Mar 04, 2019-

Lianjian (China) Technology Co., Ltd. has cooperated with our company until 2010, purchasing more than 100 security products.


Lianjian (China) Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned enterprise established by Taiwan Shenghua Science and Technology Co., Ltd. in December 1999 in Suzhou Industrial Park. Its total investment is 204 million US dollars. It covers an area of 97,339 square meters (building area is 129,800 square meters). The company put into operation in April 2000, mainly engaged in ITO conductive glass, touch panel, light guide panel and liquid crystal display of TN, STN, CSTN and TFT. Research, development, design, manufacture, sale and maintenance of LCD and LCM. At present, the company produces small and medium-sized TN and STN, CSTN LCD and modules, mainly used in communication products, personal digital assistants, clocks and watches, various instruments, transaction machines, calculators, car audio and electric toys and other products.


Success of Suzhou Otten Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. lies in paying more attention to product quality and after-sales service. Suzhou Otten Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. has always adhered to the tenet of "quality first, long-term integrity". It takes providing high-quality products and services to users as its responsibility and strictly complies with the requirements of ISO9001 international quality standard system. It implements strict quality management and tracking service in the whole process from research, production, manufacture to sales and after-sales service, basically eliminating the possible impact on product quality and clothing. All the hidden dangers of service quality, to provide each user with high quality, standardized, professional, personalized products and services, become the leader of China's security products!