Kodak recreates the security model of a big country in the Shanghai Summit

- Jun 15, 2018-

Comrades, not far from the sea. Friends come from afar and stay in peace.


From June 9 to June 10, leaders of the SCO member states, heads of permanent institutions, leaders of observer countries, and heads of international organizations such as the United Nations gathered in Qingdao to discuss plans for development. At the Shanghai Summit, Kodak as the main security protection unit, from 0 to 1, built a security video command and dispatch system that takes Qingdao as the core and radiates the whole province of Shandong; welcome to the command center, various security entrances, and leaders. Construction of AI front-ends for important security venues such as berths, and a command and dispatch system for the Public Security Department of Shandong Province, complementing the command and dispatch network of the Qingdao Summit, and creating a model for security in major countries.


In view of Kodak's rich experience in activities and security, at the Summit, Kodak took on the responsibility of the chief integrator of security video command and dispatch system construction. As early as the eighth day of the new year, a security elite team of 50 people was set up to invest in project planning, design, and installation. After more than 100 days and nights, Kodak built a security video command and dispatch network covering 38 command centers and hundreds of command points from the two dimensions of video conferencing and video surveillance to fully protect the summit.


During the visit, several leaders of the central ministries and commissions and leaders of the provincial party committee of Shandong Province came to the site to inspect the work and gave positive affirmation to the work arrangements for the protection of Kodak.


In this security video command dispatching network, Kodak uses 5.0 cloud video series products, brilliant small pitch LED screens, multi-function network presentation, visualized scheduling and other key products to achieve the Ministry of Public Security, the provincial hall, the summit site, leaders Hotel and border control, airport, and other 38 core command centers provide coordinated and visualized scheduling resources.


Using cloud terminals and 4K conference cameras, Kodak incorporated hundreds of command points, including traffic police checkpoints and security checkpoints, into the security video command and dispatch system, making this security video command and dispatch network cover from the Ministry of Public Security to the provincial and regional offices. Cities, districts and counties and the four inspection stations can simultaneously dispatch resources for all command points such as the province, the Ring Lu, and the Central Green Checkpoint.


In addition to the scheduling of video conference resources, this time, the security video command and dispatch system constructed by Kodak has also been incorporated into the video surveillance resources of Qingdao. Commanders can directly monitor the monitoring of 16 cities and Qingdao localities through large screens at each command. Image, timely control of the province's dynamic, rapid processing of emergencies.


While the construction of the security video command and dispatch system has been carried out in an orderly manner, Kodak has also undertaken the construction of security monitoring systems for important sites and important points.


At all the command points of the summit, there is always a Kodak HD IR Mini Dome Camera accompanied by busy staff day and night; at 38 command centers, Kodak Speed Dome Cameras and security staff guard the summit; at the leader hotel resident and summit On the scene, at the entrance security checkpoints of each command center, Kodak's bayonet cameras carefully recorded the identity information of each person entering the office day and night, accurately distinguishing the suspects.


Follow-up guards


In order to ensure the safety of leaders of each country participating in the meeting, the leader’s welcoming car and guarding the road car are equipped with a Kodak mobile policing and law enforcement recorder to upload the status of the team to the command center in real time. Command center personnel can watch the running images of national leaders and important guests in real time in the rear to ensure safety in real time.



During the summit, not only Qingdao, but also the whole province of Shandong is still waiting. In addition to Qingdao, Kodak has also built a security command and dispatch system for the Shandong Provincial Public Security Department and integrated the image networking comprehensive platform of the Public Security Department of Shandong Province built by Kodak to achieve comprehensive provincial, city, county, police and checkpoints. The integrated dispatch is complementary to the Qingdao summit security video command and dispatch system, and is stationed in the rear of the Shanghai Summit Security.


From the construction of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games video conference system, various communications services at the Shanghai World Expo, the construction of high-definition surveillance and video conference at the Suzhou World Table Tennis Championships, and the construction of a comprehensive security system at the Xiamen BRIC Conference, Kodak has accumulated rich experience in international major events and security. Successfully completed the transformation of roles from the initial participation assistance to the leading construction of today. In the 2018 Qingdao Summit, Kodak took a stand-alone side and successfully completed all the guarantee work for the summit. He cheered for Kodak and cheered on Kodak colleagues who were fighting at the top of the security summit.