Is the explosive drug detector the same as the explosive detector?

- Oct 01, 2019-

Explosives and drugs are prohibited articles endangering people's lives and physical and mental health. In order to ensure people's lives and property safety, public security and justice and other important public places often need safety inspection. So are explosives and drugs detectors the same as explosives detectors?

Answer: It is the same in terms of basic functions and applications. The reasons are as follows:

Explosives and drugs detector in our company is also called "explosive detection", which is a new generation of explosives and drugs inspection equipment developed and produced by our company independently. Our explosive drug detector uses advanced Ion Migration Spectroscopy (IMS) technology, which can quickly and accurately detect and judge the types of trace explosives and drugs. It can be widely used in key security zones such as metro, railway, public prosecution, judicial, frontier defense, government units, postal logistics, etc. It violates the prohibitions on human clothing, luggage, drugs and explosives remaining on the surface of goods. Items and suspicious items can be quickly detected.

And explosive detector is also called drug explosive detector explosive detector. In the case of no package, check whether there are explosives, drugs and other prohibited items in the inspection equipment. Its main application occasions are airports, public security, customs and government and other important departments. Check passengers'baggage and parcels to see if they carry and hide various explosives; conduct forensic analysis of the explosion site; and detect unexploded underground munitions. It takes advantage of the principle that all solids have the release of trace vapor into the air. It has a high detectability for explosives without metals and explosives disguised as general objects. Note that most of the explosives detectors currently use the IMS or ITMS principle.