Introduction of multi-level automatic weighing and sorting machine for aquatic products

- Jul 31, 2019-

Automatic Weight Classifier Series Equipment:


1. Aquatic classification: Fish, shrimp, crab and other aquatic products are classified according to their requirements through our automatic weighing classifier series equipment.

2. Seafood grading: automatic weighing machines for seafood such as sea cucumber, abalone, squid and shellfish automatically classify seafood according to its weight and classify it into designated categories or grading devices.

On-line automatic weighing detection automatic weight sorter, sorter product series:

1. Aquatic products processing process online automatic weighing detection automatic weight sorter, sorter: in the process of aquatic products processing, according to its weight quantitative value, automatic weighing detection, sorting, classification.

2. Automatic weight sorter, weight sorter: According to the weight classification of aquatic products/put different weights and sizes of aquatic products in different categories.

3. Automatic weight classifier: automatic sorting for different aquatic products.

4. Customer-customized line automatic weighing detection automatic weighing sorter, sorter: Suzhou Otten according to the actual needs of users to process customized line automatic weighing detection automatic weighing sorter, sorter solutions and equipment

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