Intelligent Vehicle Bottom Inspection System

- Jun 10, 2019-

Using the self-developed industry-leading ultra-high frame rate intelligent array scanning camera, real-time monitoring of all passing chassis, effectively prevent such situations as car bottom bomb, smuggling, drug hiding, jailbreak tool hiding, illegal refitting, oil leakage under the car. At the same time, the system can synchronously provide additional functions such as license plate recognition, body image recording, face recognition, auto-matching of vehicle bottom image when entering and leaving. All-round seamless inspection records all the details of entering and leaving vehicles. The real-time video output of the system is compatible with the general IP monitoring system, which realizes seamless docking with the video monitoring system.


Applicable occasion, applicable model

The system is widely used in government departments, army, customs border, high-end hotels, toll stations, prisons and important factories.

Applicable to any type of vehicle, such as trucks, cars, sports cars, buses, and even train scanning inspection.

Characteristic function:

(1) Technological Innovation-Super High Frame Rate Intelligent Integrated Camera

Compared with the traditional obsolete linear array scanning camera, Peihong Electronics uses a new generation of self-developed ultra-high frame rate integrated smart array scanning camera, which has smaller size, higher efficiency, higher bottom image restoration, and loads intelligent analysis functions. In the traditional scheme, the front-end camera transmits a large amount of original data and duplicate data backward, and the back-end needs expensive professional server for data analysis and processing to generate the car bottom picture, but the system efficiency is low. The Peihong electronic ultra-high frame rate intelligent integrated camera can collect data by itself through the built-in processor, generate high-definition car bottom image by intelligent analysis, and use any ordinary computer or PAD in the back end. Compared with the traditional system, it greatly improves the efficiency, but also reduces the cost of backstage equipment and maintenance.

1) The problem of image stretching of traditional vehicle bottom inspection system is solved.

2) System operation efficiency is higher.

3) Intelligent camera system generates pictures directly.

4) Easy installation and maintenance.

Design Size - The Thinnest Product in the World

Peihong Electronic Mobile Bottom Inspection Equipment is only 52 mm thick, and the fixed part above the ground is only 17 mm, which meets almost all types of vehicle chassis inspection. At the same time, due to high integration and modular design, it is very convenient for mobile control or fixed construction.

1) Mobile and Fixed Flexible Conversion

2) Mobile and fixed systems adopt the same host unit, which can switch freely and quickly, and help customers save a lot of time and equipment costs.

3) The compatibility system supports the standard Onvif protocol for security monitoring, and can seamlessly dock with any company's network cameras, storage devices and background management centers.

(3) Real-time video output


High-performance intelligent integrated camera originates dual-stream and dual-channel technology. While the camera carries out image analysis and synthesis, it outputs real-time monitoring video of the car bottom. Video can be stored in any standard NVR device.

High quality pictures

This ultra-high frame rate surface scanning camera solves the problem of image stretching in the traditional system in the direction of the vehicle. Whether the vehicle is moving at a constant speed or at a variable speed, or even stopping in the middle to continue moving, it will not affect the quality of the image output of the system.

Functional characteristics:

1. Color area array scanning camera technology, higher efficiency, higher picture quality

2. Supporting 0-60 km/h speed range, non-uniform vehicle inspection

3. Real-time video surveillance

4. High-quality clear pictures, lateral resolution 4096p

5. Check that there is no length limit for vehicles

6. Backstage does not require expensive professional servers

7. Strong compatibility and integration capability, compatible with standard video surveillance system

8. IP68 is of high protection grade and suitable for all kinds of climatic conditions ranging from - 40 ~70.