Integrate intelligent transportation, or will become the development trend of security exhibition

- Jun 05, 2018-

Intelligent transportation is an important part of this exhibition. Integrating intelligent transportation into security exhibitions has become a choice for many security exhibitions. Intelligent transportation is originally an industrial market for security applications, and information management of traffic management is also public security. As an important part of the information technology construction of science and technology, it is common to say that public security and traffic police are one and all are public security users.


Neusoft, Xiangxun, Qingdao Tongji, Weilong Jinyi, Fama, Kitten parking, Xiamen satellite navigation and other intelligent transport companies have debuted this exhibition, becoming a highlight of the show.


Integrating intelligent transportation into security exhibitions will become a trend for security exhibitions in the coming years. In addition to setting up the Intelligent Transportation Exhibition Area, the 2018 China (Xi'an) Big Data and Smart Traffic Management Innovation and Development Forum for traffic management was held at the exhibition. Guo Pingshe, Chief of the Traffic Police Corps of Shaanxi Public Security Bureau, and Deputy Chief of the Team, Zhou Xinmin, Shaanxi Public Security Department The original inspector Yu Weidong attended the forum and delivered a speech.