Inner Mongolia Security Association - constructs the security industry ecosystem

- May 09, 2018-

Recently, the first phase of the 2018 technical forum “Building the Security Industry Ecology Circle” sponsored by the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Public Security Technology Protection Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as “Inner Mongolia Security Association”)—in-depth application of artificial intelligence and big data in the industry in Hohhot Wanda Cultural Hotel successfully concluded.


Director Guan Feng of Inner Mongolia Public Security Bureau Branch Office, Niu Weijia, Chief of the Technical Protection Law Detachment Unit of Inner Mongolia Public Security Bureau Branch of Science and Technology, Liu Weijiang, Minister of the Association of Inner Mongolia Science and Technology Association, Chief of the Branch of Hohhot Public Security Bureau, Jilin Tai, and Public Security Bureau of Hohhot Zhang Jinzhu, deputy chief of the detachment, Zhang Niixin, chairman of the Inner Mongolian Security Association, and Li Wenlin, secretary general of the Inner Mongolian Security Association, together with over 200 security guards and technicians of the regional and foreign security product manufacturers and engineering companies participated in the forum. The forum was chaired by Li Wenlin, secretary general of Inner Mongolia Security Association.


Zhang Rixin, executive vice chairman of Inner Mongolia Security Association, delivered a speech and wished the event a complete success. At the same time, it also proceeded from the aspects of national policy orientation, “artificial intelligence, big data” development trend, and how to better construct the ecological circle of the Inner Mongolian security industry. Gave a speech.


The Forum Association specially invited three well-known product manufacturers, namely Suzhou Keda, Shenzhen Huawei, and Zhejiang Dahua, to make in-depth interpretations based on the latest technology, products, and solutions with the theme of “Artificial Intelligence, Big Data”.


Wang Dong, Technical Director of Suzhou Keda Inner Mongolia Branch, made the first speech: "Visual Deep Application - Night Eye Command and Dispatch System". Kodak Night Eye (NCS) command and dispatch system is currently at the forefront of the market. Based on the advantages of cloud video, it integrates monitoring, large-screen scheduling, and electronic map services. It has truly achieved a convenient and rapid command and dispatch solution. The application of the program.


Shi Zhaowu, director of solution of Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd. Anping System Division, addressed the topic "Cloud Collar Future, AI Forward-VCM Video Solution." Describes Huawei's VCM video content management platform in detail. The platform is an integrated video big data analysis device that supports multiple concurrent intelligent analysis and achieves a thousand-speed video capture summary, video quick search, license plate recognition, behavior analysis, and video enhancement repair. Features. It can effectively improve the efficiency of image investigation and decision-making, as well as the ability of business collaboration, and help cases to be quickly detected.


Zhang Yu, regional technical director of Zhejiang Dahua Inner Mongolia, addressed the topic of "face recognition, AR and other new technologies." Dahua's face recognition technology, AR technology, and automotive electronic identification technology are all very mature and advanced. They can exert tremendous time effects in social security and public security.


In addition to the wonderful speeches, the conference site also witnessed live demonstrations of independent research and development products by various product manufacturers and member companies including Tiandiweiye, Mijingjingxian, Jiangsu Diyi, Inner Mongolia Jingxin Technology, and Inner Mongolia Netson. Product companies and engineering companies communicated and learned from each other on the spot. The atmosphere was very warm.


The technical forum lasted 3 hours and the audience was fully occupied. It was a complete success. It not only takes a solid step in the concept of “Building an Ecological Circle in the Security Industry”, but also provides a great opportunity for our security companies to learn advanced technologies and advanced concepts. In the future, the association will continue to organize industry learning and exchange activities, inviting more industry experts, more detailed classification according to hot issues, application areas, product categories, etc., so that our security companies more quickly and easily The industry's latest information builds a supply and demand exchange platform for upstream and downstream companies.