In addition to complaining about poor security, what else can you do?

- May 12, 2018-

Now this phenomenon is popular in the industry. When you encounter a large company, you ask how much it has earned this year. When you encounter a smaller company, you ask how it lives. Two different ways of asking seem to represent the survival status of different companies. Most security Businesses belong to the latter - "are you still alive" and "are you alive?"


Do not know when to start, so many people flocked to the security industry has become so difficult, engineering companies, integrators said that the project is not good, no profit; manufacturers are again for the market competition and technological innovation racked their brains, product applications The speed can not keep up with the updated rhythm; for most users, this line is still ignorant, everything depends on after-sales service.


“Going slower” means that the competitiveness of the enterprise is weakened, the market share will be reduced, the value of the enterprise will shrink, the scale of the enterprise will be slightly reduced, and the sales and profits will be slightly reduced. The economic benefits and brand benefits of the enterprise will suffer a certain degree. loss. In short, in the market competition of weak meat, “going slowly” means that the company earns less money.


However, "going slower" does not mean that companies will be eliminated. It is believed that any company will not be so easy to admit defeat! You always have to agree that ups and downs are the norm of every industry and every company, and have experienced the trough before they can reach the top and share glory. However, the security industry is just in a downturn just now, but its network and civilian development, the construction of smart cities and safe cities, and people's growing security awareness are pushing it to climb slowly to the top.


For those companies that are “going slower” now, your security road is still a long time away, so don’t hurry because you’re slow. Because you will find that on this “slowly” road, you will be more careful and willing to try more things than when you go faster than those companies that are taking a bit faster than you. Find the road to security that is truly right for you and explore more potential. Of course, everyone will also look forward to seeing how well these "going slower" companies can do!


During this “slowly” time, companies have more time to think about: to reflect on and improve the problems that have existed during the development of the company; to improve the internal structure of the company, to improve the structure of the company and to perform its duties; to spend more time; To study the market demand and find the user's pain points; Shen Xixin to study technology, to abandon the concept of flashy, actual combat is the king; with more open attitude to accept more partners, a win-win far better than alone; Ending, constantly learning and learning more new things, perhaps a new point of interest is the company's new business areas.


If you want to wear a crown, you must take it seriously. This may be the best encouragement for the security industry and all security companies, so allow yourself to go slower now. Each industry and company must undergo many hardships before reaching the top. Hard to beat, that insistence is victory.