Improper Logistics Security Inspection Sending AK-47 Simulator Gun with 190,000 Fines

- Jun 19, 2019-

According to the Public Security Bureau of Jinan, the first penalty sheet for delivery industry was issued today. Jinan Debang Logistics Co., Ltd. illegally mailed AK-47 simulation gun and was fined 190,000 yuan.

According to reports, since the implementation of the Anti-Terrorist Law in early 2016, the security situation in the delivery industry has aroused widespread concern in the society, but illegal elements still use the delivery channel to send prohibited goods. Recently, Jinan Municipal Public Security Bureau and Jinan Post Administration Bureau conducted an investigation on Jinan Qixian Branch of Debang Logistics based on case clues. After collecting evidence from various sources, it was finally determined that Jinan Debang Logistics Co., Ltd. did not strictly implement the open-box inspection system, which led to the entry of simulation guns into the delivery channel.

On March 20 this year, Ma sent an AK-47 simulation gun to Lin Mou, who lives in Longwen District, Zhangzhou City, Fujian Province, through Qixian Branch of Jinan Central District of Debang Logistics. On March 23, Zhangzhou Public Security Bureau received a report that suspicious express mail was sent from Jinan. After verification, it was a simulated gun, and then carried out a case-filing investigation. According to the principle of territorial jurisdiction, Fujian police and postal departments transferred the case to the Postal Administration Department of Jinan through the inter-provincial cooperation platform of postal administration. Jinan Post Administration attaches great importance to it and immediately notifies the logistics delivery security detachment of Jinan Public Security Bureau. The two units immediately form a joint investigation team to conduct a surprise inspection of Jinan Qixian Branch of Debang Logistics. According to the certification, the express mail sent by the company is a imitation of guns. According to the provisions of the "Guidance Catalogue for Prohibiting Delivery of Goods", the article belongs to the prohibited items. Because the network does not strictly implement the "three 100%" system (100% real name registration, 100% open-box inspection, 100% X-ray machine security inspection), leading to major security risks of goods into the delivery channel.

On October 16, 2017, Jinan Post Administration, in accordance with the provisions of Articles 20 and 85 of the Anti-terrorism Law of the People's Republic of China, imposed a fine of RMB 190,000 on Jinan Debang Logistics Co., Ltd., imposed a fine of RMB 10,000 on the personnel involved, Yuan Mou, Wang Mou and Wei Mou respectively, and issued the first list of penalties for sending enterprises in our city in accordance with the Anti-Terrorism Law. 。 At the same time, the Jinan Public Security Bureau and the Jinan Post Administration will also inform the whole industry of the penalty decision, requiring the whole city to send enterprises to take precautions, strengthen the sense of responsibility of the main body, enhance the sense of crisis, earnestly grasp the safety education and assessment of employees, strictly prohibit going through the scene and taking forms, and ensure the implementation of the "three 100%" system in place.