Impossible walk through metal detector gate

- Mar 06, 2019-

Impossible walk through metal detector gate


Recently, the United States captured the "underwear bomb" suspect's first merit, it seems that it should be honored to return to the airport to use less than a year's full-body security scanner.


Starting last summer, if air travel is chosen as a means of transportation, full-body scanning through the US airport security checkpoint is necessary. Those high-tech scanners can quickly detect hidden metal weapons, such as knives and guns, and non-metallic hazards, such as plastic explosives, can not be fooled through. The recently captured "underwear bomb" suspect at the security checkpoint is one of them.


The latest scanners, classified as anti-terrorism weapons, are controlled by the United States Transportation Safety Administration (TSA), which is set up by the U.S. government to ensure flight safety. TSA spokesman Michael McCasey said that in the face of the emerging terrorist threat, we must adopt more sensitive investigative methods and quickly lead the enemy in order to prevent it from happening.


But this emerging technology has also been questioned, such as whether it has violated personal privacy.


Horror recurrence

Since 1903, when the Wright brothers first launched a manned aircraft, terrorists have quickly realized the benefits of hijacking or even stealing aircraft.


The first hijacking took place in Peru in 1931 and reached its peak in 1969, when 82 hijacking incidents took place in a world record. Since the early 1970s, metal detectors have been used in airports, which has greatly improved the safety of air flight.


But the terrorists never abandoned their plot to plot a new attack plan, and then the tragic "9.11" incident of 2001 took place.


Scientific scanning

Over the past two years, almost all airport border security stations around the world have added a full-body security scanning system, which uses electromagnetic waves to detect hidden dangers through passengers' clothes. Two different types of scanners are used simultaneously in the United States: back scatter scanners and millimeter-wave scanners.

Back scatter scans use high-energy X-rays similar to medical applications. The difference is that hospitals use X-rays to find the source of disease through the skin and muscle tissue of patients, while airports use back-scatter to detect only the skin and hidden objects of the human body, and then convert them into information on scanner detectors, and expose objects hidden in human bodies made of any type of material.


The other is millimeter wave, whose wavelength can be changed into infrared and microwave. Like back-scattered X-ray, millimeter wave is also used to detect skin and hidden objects, but they provide three-dimensional images.


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