Importance of Training and Maintenance for Metal Detector Manufacturers

- May 13, 2019-

As a metal detector manufacturer, we will train users when delivering the equipment, inform customers how to use the equipment, how to maintain the equipment and so on, and also mark these terms on the product specifications. In order to ensure the long service life of the equipment, it is also very necessary to do these work well.


After the metal testing equipment enters the factory, the user arranges suitable staff for training, on-site operation steps, how to debug, as well as the basic requirements for metal testing, detection sensitivity, use methods and test methods, etc. It needs regular training to be on duty, to ensure the best safety assurance and use efficiency of the equipment, and to avoid the harm caused by misoperation to the equipment. Sex. Users should standardize the use of equipment management, such as the preservation of files and records, including equipment test run, test process, new equipment entry status, equipment mobile records, etc. Conventional shift management should record detailed test time, agility, results, the number of products excluded, frequency of foreign body detection, equipment usage status and traceable records.

For equipment maintenance personnel, they should also carry out necessary training, inform the importance of maintaining the equipment well, maintain the equipment in a planned way, arrange maintenance or contact the manufacturer for consultation in case of abnormal equipment, try not to disassemble and repair themselves under unknown circumstances, and the maintenance personnel should avoid leaving foreign objects in the toolbox as far as possible during normal maintenance. Upon completion of the work, we should carefully check and use the vacuum cleaner to help clean up the site, try to avoid welding, drilling, cutting, small metal foreign body splashing on the equipment will bring abnormal detection interference, and even directly affect the use of equipment. Cleaners should operate according to the regulations when cleaning equipment, and cleaning liquid should not be sprayed on the equipment to prevent it. The liquid enters the equipment to cause the short circuit and damages the equipment. Special attention should also be paid to the cleaning of conveyor belts. The compressed air should not be used for blowing and washing. The workshop should be kept clean. The equipment should not be covered with the covering material for a long time, so as to prevent dust or foreign matter from entering the equipment, thus affecting the use effect.