Huangshan Airport has caught a passenger stealing a life jacket from the plane. The passenger has been detained by the police.

- Feb 22, 2019-

On the afternoon of February 17, when the security checkpoint of Huangshan Airport carried out the safety check of FM9265 flights to Chengdu, the X-ray machine inspector of the travel inspection found that the image of a passenger's carry-on baggage showed suspicious objects, and initially judged it to be an aircraft life jacket, and then carried out the open-package inspection.


It was confirmed by open package inspection that it was a special life jacket on board. The passenger's act was suspected of stealing articles from civil aviation airliners and was immediately handed over to the airport public security organ for disposal. Later, it was learned that the passenger was disqualified and sentenced to administrative detention. This is also the first time that the Huangshan Airport Public Security Bureau has severely punished aircraft theft.


Huangshan Airport Security Station reminds the vast number of passengers that life jackets are the basic equipment on Civil Aviation airliners. They can be used for emergency life-saving of passengers in emergencies. They can not be taken off the plane without authorization. In order to ensure the personal safety of you and other passengers in emergencies, please consciously maintain all special life-saving equipment equipped on the aircraft.


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