How to use the explosive detector?

- Sep 16, 2020-

Explosive detectors are now used in more and more places, and explosives refer to substances that can cause explosions, such as gunpowder, explosives, detonators, etc., and some powder layers, sawdust, combustible gas, and oil Classes may also cause explosions. Due to the danger of explosions to people’s lives, they cannot be carried in some public places and other places. As for drugs, let alone illegal things, there must be some inspection items. We usually use explosive detectors to inspect the above dangerous goods, so how do we use explosive detectors? What is the principle?

Explosive detector principle: The requirement is usually to check some outsourcing, baggage, without opening, it is necessary to check out explosives, drugs and some prohibited chemicals.

Take the DP300 portable explosives and drugs detector produced by Suzhou Aoteng Electronics as an example. The product is based on the most advanced ion mobility spectroscopy (IMS) technology in the world, which can quickly and accurately detect and determine the types of trace explosives and drugs. IMS The full English name of Ion Mobility Spectrometry is Ion Mobility Spectrometry,  Ion means ion, Mobility mobility, Spectrometry spectroscopy, together is ion mobility spectroscopy technology.


The sample to be analyzed is heated to vaporize the collected chemical substance; then the vaporized substance reacts with the nickel 63 rays to generate positive and negative ions. Some common explosives such as gunpowder, explosives, and TNT form negative ions, and most drugs such as cocaine hydrochloride, heroin hydrochloride, methamphetamine, and k powder form positive ions. Different ions have an electric field applied along the entire length of the IMS. The polarity of this electric field can be positive or negative, which is determined by the type of substance being detected. Ions of the correct polarity are allowed to move from the reaction zone to the drift zone through a controlled cut opening.

Different ions drift at different but unique speeds and reach the electrodes of the collector in different drifting times. In this way, three kinds of ions (X, Y, and Z) with different masses will produce a drifting spectrum, or waveform graph, on which the X ions arrive first and the drifting time is the shortest. In this way, the composition of the substance can be judged through the waveform diagram.

How to use the explosive detector:

The method of use is very simple, that is, trace particle adsorption and test paper wiping sampling. Generally, the method of using trace particles to absorb like "smell like a dog" is more common, while holding the test paper to wipe the sampling is less. .