How to Reduce the Purchasing Cost of Mobile Security Gate

- Apr 22, 2019-

In recent years, high-end technology enterprises, precision instrument enterprises, archives and other confidentiality units have increasing demand for mobile phone security gates. There are special security gates for mobile phones on the market. Its performance is undoubtedly very good. Of course, in terms of price, it is also very good. It is several or even more times higher than ordinary security gates. So, what is the best way to do it? Can we not only achieve the purpose of testing mobile phones, but also reduce the purchase cost of enterprises?


As the saying goes, you can see the doorway, but you can't see the bustle. In fact, the main function of the security gate is to detect metal goods. Mobile phones are also metal goods. As long as one of the important parameters of the security gate is known, the sensitivity of the security gate can be achieved. The sensitivity of the security gate of the Exploration World Series can be divided into 100-level sensitivity of 0-99 and 200-level sensitivity of 0-199. The sensitivity of mobile phones can be adjusted according to the range of mobile phones, no matter its size. Then we can detect and alarm the mobile phone. The small or large metal objects, such as keys, belts, laptops and so on, can be realized without alarm. The only shortcoming is that metal objects of the same size as mobile phones can be misreported and can be re-equipped with hand-held metal detectors for secondary investigation. Compared with the expensive purchasing cost of mobile security door, such small misinformation is easily accepted by many small and medium-sized enterprises.

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