How to inspect homemade explosives?

- Jun 20, 2019-

Recently, a man in Nankai, Tianjin, purchased raw materials and made explosives by himself, and robbed him. When he was intercepted by security personnel, he threatened to detonate explosive devices. Fortunately, security personnel in shopping malls decisively subdued him and alerted the police. So the question arises. Can we have any equipment or instruments that can quickly detect illegal homemade explosives? How to inspect homemade explosives?



It is reported that from the end of 2018 to the beginning of 2019, the defendant Wang Mou began to prepare for his robbery. He has purchased guns, firecrackers, kettles, electronic igniters and other items in this city and Hebei Province, and used these items to make explosives in his residence. On the evening of January 16, 2019, he carried guns, fruit knives, lighters and explosive devices made by himself in his leather bag. He took a bus to a three-storey underground parking lot of a shopping mall in Nankai District of this city, waiting for the opportunity to rob. In the parking lot, Wang stopped the victims Zhang Mou and Li Mou, threatened them with guns and demanded money, but failed because they were refused. Queen Wang wants to escape from the parking lot. Victims Zhang Mou and Li Mou have immediately called the service switchboard of the shopping mall to say that they were robbed. The staff of the shopping mall immediately notified the security personnel to inspect. Wang Mou fled in the parking lot when security personnel found that in order to escape from the scene, it was threatened by detonating explosive devices. The mall security personnel decisively took their uniforms and their belongings, while calling the police. Police rushed to the scene to arrest Wang Mou, and seized suspected explosive devices, guns, lighters and fruit knives on the spot. After inspection, the object held by Wang Mou is an ignition and explosion device, and the gun-shaped object held by Wang Mou is a handicraft lighter. The arrested defendant, Wang Mou, was convicted by the court of the crime of illegal manufacture of explosives and robbery. He was sentenced to six years'imprisonment and a fine.

What instruments can quickly detect illegal homemade explosives?

Answer: AOteng electronic new portable explosive drug detector can detect home-made explosives or explosives, and can add new explosive samples into the sample bank as needed. Aoteng's new explosive exploration uses advanced ion migration spectroscopy technology in the world. It can determine similar and unknown substances by comparing its ion migration spectra with trace samples. The detection time is usually 2-10 seconds. For example, self-made black powder, fireworks, firecrackers and so on can be detected.

How to inspect homemade explosives?

Answer: First of all, we find something or a suspicious person to sample by wiping test paper. If the suspicious person touches explosives, we wipe the body of his clothes or the suspicious explosive found by wiping samples. Then we put them into the aoteng portable explosive drug detector for testing. The instrument is adjusted to the mode of explosives and mixture inspection, waiting for the instrument to automatically detect and display the knot. If it is checked out that the instrument is set up to alarm suspicious substances, the instrument will automatically alarm.