How to do routine maintenance for conveyor belt of on-line dynamic weight checker?

- Jul 23, 2019-

After many factories put AOTENG dynamic weighing machine into use, the production efficiency has been greatly improved, the operation is simple, the failure rate is low, many disadvantages of manual weighing have been reduced, and the cost has also been reduced. However, many customers are not familiar with the daily maintenance of conveyor belts of symmetrical heavy machines. It is important to know that the maintenance of conveyor belts can avoid many problems.


In fact, the daily maintenance of conveyor belt of automatic weighing machine is very simple, as long as you pay attention to the following points, you can:

1. After using the machine every day, the operator of the machine on the spot should wait for the material conveying on the conveyor belt of the dynamic weight checker to stop before stopping.

2. Check regularly whether the conveyor belt of the weighing machine is elongated and make timely adjustments.

3. On-site staff should find and solve the problems of conveyor belts in time to ensure the normal operation of the automatic weighing machine.

4. Half a month or a month, it is necessary to check the coincidence between the sprocket and the chain of electronic belt scales, make timely adjustments, and add lubricants to the chain to reduce friction.

5. Avoid conveying materials with high moisture content as far as possible, prevent materials from sticking to the conveyor belt of automatic weighing machine, resulting in sinking and deformation of conveyor belt, affecting normal use;

6. Ensure that there is no material around the inside of the conveyor belt of the automatic weighing machine, and ensure that the conveyor belt of the weighing machine is clean.

7. Check whether the conveyor belt is turning normally and whether the reducer is abnormal every day.


After reading the above points, we will understand that the daily maintenance of the conveyor belt of the dynamic weighing machine is very simple. Do the above mentioned details well, the dynamic weighing machine stands in the production line energetically to continue to improve production efficiency for you!