How to choose the underground metal detector suitable for exploring treasure in the field

- Oct 23, 2019-

With people's daily life becoming better and better, the entertainment way is also diversified. People's entertainment way after dinner is not only playing mahjong before, playing poker is so simple. Among them, the most obvious changes brought by science and technology, computer games, mobile games, Internet chat and so on have become part of our modern people's daily life. Of course, what Xiaobian wants to discuss with you here today is a new entertainment sport, that is, treasure hunting. Treasure hunting here refers to an entertainment sport that uses underground metal detectors to detect.

I believe many people think that it's only an archaeologist's project, which has nothing to do with our common people. If you have such an idea, it's not surprising, because the development of underground metal detector in China has not a long history, but it's a very popular entertainment sport abroad, and it's not only for adults. As long as you are interested, you can Purchase an underground metal detector to explore the treasure.


So, for the first time to contact this entertainment treasure, how to choose a good underground metal detector? Here are a few key points for your reference.

Point 1: easy to carry

It's not too much to put this point at the top, because when we carry out field treasure exploration, the convenience of the instrument is particularly important. If you choose the underground metal detector, which is large and heavy, it will undoubtedly add great difficulties to your treasure exploration journey. Therefore, in order to be more handy for your treasure exploration trip, the first thing you should consider is to choose a portable underground metal detector.

Point 2: Endurance

Ten years ago, due to the technical constraints, the rechargeable battery was not used in the underground metal detector at that time. Xiaobian still remembers that he used an instrument many years ago. The battery used at that time was the No.1 battery for flashlight, which consumed a lot of power. Four batteries could only use 2 to 3 hours, and at that time, the price of a No.1 battery was not cheap. If you go far away Treasure hunting is to buy a box of batteries, which is very troublesome. So the endurance of the instrument is also a very important factor for treasure exploration in the field, which is directly related to whether you can find the treasure, because sometimes when you search a large area, you have no harvest, and there are only a few square meters left. If there is no power at this time, you will feel really bad.

Key point 3: mineralization discharge capacity

Our country has a territory of 9.6 million square kilometers. In all parts of the country, there are all kinds of soil environments. Therefore, when selecting instruments, we have to consider their ability to discharge mineralization. If the ability of discharging mineralization is not good, there will be a situation of everywhere exploration and noise in the place with serious mineralization reaction.

After reading the points listed above, I believe you already know how to choose the underground metal detector.