How to choose metal separator with high cost performance?

- Nov 27, 2019-

How to choose metal separator with high cost performance?

The plastic metal separator can separate the metal impurities no matter for the production enterprise or for the recycling of plastic, which is convenient for the subsequent work of the enterprise. The utility model has the advantages of simple operation, high working efficiency, durability, and the plastic metal separator improves the plastic utilization rate.


In recent years, customers pay more and more attention to the safety and high quality of products. For example, the textile industry requires the configuration of needle detector to detect whether the products contain broken needles. The food industry requires metal detector (food plastic metal separator) to detect metal impurities or foreign matters in food. All this shows that consumers are not paying attention to the price of products, but more concerned about the quality of products. At present, the production of products are all operated by machines. It is inevitable that metal impurities and debris will be mixed in the plastic production.

What harm will metal impurities do to the machine?

Such as: damage screw and barrel, plug nozzle, mold flow channel (hot flow channel), increase hot oil pressure, cause plastic flow block, metal scratch mold, the finished product contains metal, resulting in short circuit and non insulation, scratch the surface of the finished product.

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