How to adjust the plastic metal separator to make it work normally?

- Nov 18, 2019-

How to adjust the plastic metal separator to make it work normally?

The plastic metal separator can separate the metal materials from the raw materials, but I think before the metal separator works, it needs a critical adjustment operation process, and according to the size of the metal materials impurities in the raw materials, adjust it to a stable and efficient separation of metal materials, so how can the metal separator adjust to make it work normally?


1. Ensure that the metal separator is installed correctly and the support foot is installed firmly;

2. Ensure that there is no large metal material under the inspection head;

3. Ensure that the switching power supply of machine equipment is connected correctly and the grounding device is kept in good condition;

4. Enable the main power switch of the metal separator; when the indicator light is on, the machine and equipment will start full-automatic stable balance correction, at this time, the indicator light bar will be on, and then gradually disappear. When only a few green parts of the light bar flicker steadily, the machine and equipment can enter the detection working state;

Special type for feeding port of extruder:

5. Adjust the sensitivity knob in the middle and the product compensation knob in the specific position of 2.75;

6. Start the conveyor belt, pass the tested object through the detection head, and observe the status of the two data signals. If the product effect data signal is very small, use the detection block to test the specific sensitivity. If it can meet the standard, it can be detected to the normal value; if the product effect is relatively large, reduce the sensitivity of the one data signal with the greater effect to zero (turn anticlockwise to the end);

7. Adjust the metal separator compensation knob. When the tested object passes the detection head, the data signal size indicated by the light-emitting prompt bar will change. If the data signal increases, debug in the opposite direction until the light-emitting bar indicator lamp has the smallest product effect. At this moment, the product compensation position is the most ideal position;

8. Adjust the sensitivity adjustment knob of two data signals in clockwise direction respectively to improve the detection sensitivity, so that when the metal free product passes the detection head, only the green indicator light will be on (when the red indicator light is on, the machine equipment will alarm), and then use the detection block to detect the sensitivity of the machine equipment, and enter the normal value detection after meeting the standard.