How does under vehicle inspection mirror conduct safety inspection?

- Oct 31, 2019-

How does the under vehicle inspection mirror conduct safety inspection?

The under vehicle inspection mirror is mainly used for vehicle safety inspection. The metal detector can not play a good role in inspection. In order to facilitate vehicle inspection, under vehicle inspection mirror is used. Especially when the national conference is held, the security measures will be strengthened, and the inspection performance of the airport will be further enhanced.


What is the working principle of under vehicle inspection mirror? The purpose of the bottom inspection mirror is mainly to detect the safety of the vehicle bottom. The equipment has a spherical mirror. With its reflection and amplification function, you can see the bottom of the vehicle in different directions from different angles, so as to achieve the purpose of detection. The equipment is also equipped with a light source system to ensure sufficient light. No matter in cloudy days or at night, you do not need to worry about the light, only more A good understanding of the inspection performance of the inspection mirror, in order to better facilitate the development of security work.

The equipment has strong practicability, safety and reliability. It can achieve the effect of security inspection by using simple principle technology. It is different from other security inspection in that it uses spherical mirror instead of X-ray inspection. Therefore, the manufacturing cost is not high, the practicability is good, the cost performance is high, and people are more and more fond of it. With people's higher and higher requirements for security inspection environment, the equipment security system is constantly improving.