how can riots be prevented?

- Apr 05, 2019-

As the leader of domestic security industry, Otten, Suzhou, puts forward the following opinions on this issue. Common means of terrorist attack are explosion, shooting, hijacking, arson and so on. How to prevent it? We should proceed from the following aspects:


1. First of all, we should learn to identify terrorist suspects.

Suspects of terrorist attacks will not be marked on their faces, but there will be some unusual behavior that can arouse our vigilance, such as: people with horror, abnormal words and deeds; people with apparently inconsistent clothes and articles with their identity, or inconsistent with the season; people who pretend to be acquaintances and fake courtesy; in the process of inspection, urge inspections or brutal attitude, unwilling to accept inspections. Investigators; frequent access to large-scale venues; repeated appearances in the vicinity of the alert area; suspects notified by the public security department. Installation of security equipment in public places, such as security doors (used to detect controlled knives and other items carried on the body), through X-ray machines (used to detect suspicious items in luggage).


2. Identify suspicious explosives:

In general, explosive detectors must be installed in public places (used to detect explosive molecules carried by people).



If not, people should also identify suspicious explosives by looking, listening and smelling without touching them.

1, look. From the surface to the inside, from the near to the far, from the top to the bottom without any omission to observe, identify and judge whether there are hidden explosive devices in suspicious objects or suspicious parts;

2, listen. Listen for unusual sounds in a quiet environment.

3, smell. If the black powder contains sulphur, it will emit the odor of rotten eggs (hydrogen sulfide); the ammonium nitrate of the self-made ammonium nitrate explosive will decompose into distinct ammonia water odor and so on.


3. Measures to deal with the discovery of suspicious explosives:

1. Don't touch, alarm in time;

2. Quick evacuation. When evacuating, evacuate in an orderly manner and avoid crowding with each other in order to avoid trampling and causing casualties.

3. Assist the police in investigating. Witnesses should try their best to identify the time, size, location, appearance of suspicious objects, and no one has moved them. If possible, they should take photos or videos with their cameras to provide valuable clues for the police.


4. The absolute practice of finding suspects from rental housing personnel:

Suspicious people can be distinguished by such characteristics: day and night, abnormal working and sleeping time; abnormal sound and smell in the house; often non-domestic garbage; complex and abnormal communication; often carrying abnormal items in and out. If suspicious persons are found:

First, we should keep calm, not arouse the other party's vigilance, do a good job of self-protection, to avoid affecting their own safety;

The second is to call the police promptly and dial 110 directly to reflect the suspicious situation.

Third, we should try our best to remember the physical characteristics of suspects and associates.

5. Measures to deal with arson terrorist attacks:

1. When entering unfamiliar environment, we should pay attention to evacuation passage, safety exit and stairway orientation, so as to escape the scene as soon as possible when necessary.

2. If the initial fire situation is not large, fire fighting equipment can be used to control the small fire. It seems that we should not ignore the small fire and create a catastrophe.

3. When evacuating from the scene of a fire, cover your nose with towels and masks and crawl away. When passing through the fireworks blockade area, it can pour cold water on the head and body or wrap itself with wet towels and wet cotton jackets, and then rush out.

4. When evacuating, do not choose to take the elevator, but choose to enter a relatively safe stairway according to the situation.

5. When your clothes catch fire, you should try to take off your clothes or roll on the spot, press the fire extinguishing seedlings, or let someone water you.


6. Response measures after being abducted by terrorists:

1. Keep calm, don't resist and trust the government.

2. Don't look at each other, don't talk to each other, lie on the ground and move slowly.

3. Keep and hide your communication tools as far as possible, change your mobile phone to silent in time, and call the police for help by short message. The main contents of short message are: your location, hostage number, number of terrorists, etc.

4. Pay attention to the number of terrorists and their leaders so as to provide testimony afterwards.

5. At the moment of the police raid, lie on the ground as far as possible and leave the scene under the cover of the police.

7. The method of choosing shelter when encountering gunshot:

1. The shelter should be between itself and the terrorists.

2. Choose shelters whose density and texture are not easily penetrated. Such as walls, columns, big trunks, automotive front engines and tires, etc.

3. Choose a cover that can block your body. Some objects are dense in texture, but too small to completely block their own body, so they can not hide. Such as street lamp poles, small trunks, fire hydrants, etc.

4. Choose shelters which are easy to hide the body, such as pillars; irregular objects are easy to produce bounces, which are easy to be injured by bounces, such as rockeries, ornamental stones, etc.