Hong Kong Police Find Raw Materials for Dust Explosives

- Sep 21, 2019-

Recently, in the turmoil in Hong Kong, some unlawful Hong Kong independence activists have gone to extremes. In order to achieve this goal, they once produced and privately stored a batch of aggressive weapons and dangerous goods. According to Hong Kong media reports, at 5:30 a.m. on August 31, Hong Kong police intercepted two men and one woman in Yautang and found a batch of weapons used for making dust explosives and other weapons. Raw materials, as well as a knife, mask and armor about 20 centimeters long. After preliminary investigation, the police arrested three people on suspicion of possession of offensive weapons. The case was followed up by the Serious Case Unit of East Kowloon Region.


Although the three people were arrested, the public places in Hong Kong and some key security areas need to be strengthened. Peihong electronic security experts suggest that a number of security equipment should be introduced. For the Hong Kong police, public places, key security zones and large-scale events, we need to strengthen our defense and equip X-ray security machines to check luggage. Metal detection doors and hand-held metal detectors check people; equipped with explosive drug detectors to check dangerous explosives and drugs; equipped with liquid detectors for liquid inspection; vehicle inspection can be introduced into the bottom safety inspection system.

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