high-tech elements such as security gates, cameras and other surveillance equipment were integrated in 2019

- Apr 19, 2019-

Today is the first day of the New Year. Last night, I saw the Spring Festival Gala. Although the Spring Festival Gala didn't feel so innovative, it still has many bright spots. Baidu APP's sponsorship of Spring Festival Gala shows the vigorous development of the Internet industry. So what new highlights will the security industry have in the new year? In 2019, some high-tech elements such as security gates, cameras and other monitoring and security equipment were integrated.


From a scientific and technological point of view, security inspection equipment products: security gates, X-ray security machines, metal detection gates, metal detection security gates, metal security gates, mobile phone security gates, integrated with some high-tech elements, such as security gates to add cameras and other monitoring equipment, or gate with face recognition technology, in addition, in sensitivity accuracy and accuracy, there has been a special application for inspection. With the application of these new high-tech technologies, the security inspection system will continuously improve and develop around the aspects of high efficiency, convenience and high accuracy. In the future, we will see a brand-new series of security gates and X-ray security inspection machines with various advanced technologies.

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