High detection accuracy newest model walk through metal detector AT-1088AS

- Nov 27, 2018-


This high performance walk through metal detector has the following advantages:

high metal detection sensitivity;Strong anti-interference ability;Multiple detection regions, each region can be set separately sensitivity;Self-diagnostic procedures, self-test on power;Using high strength materials, can fire, corrosion, shock, etc.;Background environment interference that can be monitored in real time.


In the material selection, appearance structure, software copyright etc. obtained a number of patents and copyright certificates.


Advanced features and functions:

Multi- zones technology: 6 detection zones, the sensitivity of each detection zone can be adjusted arbitrarily (with adaptive adjustment technology)

★ Superior shell protection technology: IP54 superior protection performance (optional).

★ Adaptive diagnosis system: system adaptive diagnosis and detection function at startup.

★ Adaptive debugging system: adaptive debugging detection standard when the system enters the debugging system

.★ Start and stop technology: infrared device has automatic start and stop technology.

★ Alarm function: alarm light, alarm sound, arbitrary adjustment Settings.

★ Working frequency band: working frequency can be manually or automatically converted.

★ Detection technology: beyond the imagination of uniform detection technology, no blind area.

★ Professional detection procedures: 72 application occasions in the program(upgrade service is provided)

★ Working frequency band: 200 working frequency band with very large range.

Safety level: there are 20 safety levels

 Detection sensitivity: the sensitivity of each zone can be up to 0-200 levels.

★ Alarm mode: the system has a variety of alarm sound optional mode, suitable for different occasions.

★ Data statistics: the system has both PASS and return dual data records, and FAIL PASS and return dual data records.

★ Query function: the system has real-time information query function

.★ Intelligent standby: the system has intelligent standby function.

★Work standby prompt :when walk through metal detector working normally in standby mode, there are 16 full-range high-brightness LED standby indicator lights.

★ Detection ability: more than 60-150 people can pass in one minute.

Technical parameters:

Model Number


Vertical dimension


Vertical channel size


Packing size


Net weight of main box/detection door


Gross weight of main box/detection door


Working voltage

AC90V240V 5060Hz

Power consumption


Working frequency range


Working environment temperature


installation environment

Width 100cm* length 200cm(without minimum range) sheet transverse

Location detection accuracy range of metal

Maximum sensitivity ≥ 0.3g of metal