Global Top Sales List of Underground Gold Detector Products Over 10,000 Yuan

- Oct 11, 2019-

Global Top Sales List of Underground Gold Detector Products Over 10,000 Yuan

1. Fisher Fisher Underground Gold Detector

2. German OKM Underground Gold Detector

3. Garrtt Underground Gold Detector

It is not difficult to see from the list that Fisher's underground gold detector in the United States is basically in the first or second place. In the low-end underground gold detector, the Texas God won the first battle. Fisher Fisher of the United States won first place in sales. Teknetics, the United States, also did poorly in this list, ranking second in the world and keeping up with Fisher Fisher. According to 2014, the Wall Street Journal, the largest financial newspaper in the United States, reported that Teknetics Tynix brand in the United States has performed well in high-end products, among which the most cost-effective one is the delta 4000 multi-functional underground gold detector, especially suitable for team exploration, outdoor entertainment and so on. It is the first choice for middle-level and primary treasure exploration enthusiasts. Fisher Underground Gold Detector Company was founded in 1931. Under very difficult experimental conditions, the world's first underground gold detector was developed. After nearly 100 years of intensive research, it has become the most famous brand in the field of detectors. Fisher Underground Gold Detector uses the most cutting-edge technology and becomes the most trusted brand in one fell swoop. Fisher's underground gold detector is loved by the vast number of treasure-hunting enthusiasts because of its versatility, wider depth and the use of the most sophisticated technology, and very easy to use and technological innovation.

One of the most famous models of Fisher's underground gold detector is Pro-arc archaeologist. Originated in the United States, the conductive arc display screen has a detection depth of about 16 inches (40cm-50cm). The bigger the target, the better the conductivity, and the longer the burial time, the deeper the detectable depth will be. It has static and dynamic all-metal mode, target recognition mode, ultra-deep detection mode and overload alarm system. It not only has high sensitivity, but also can indicate metal material, target confidence, soil mineralization degree, relative detection depth and so on. Its greatest advantage is that it has the function of automatic surface grab, can well eliminate mineralization reaction, and can eliminate all external interference, ranking first in the world's top ten underground detectors, with a total sales of 80 million units worldwide, and pressure all other competitors. The US Seal Commando (sea, land and air triphibious) has designated special equipment to undertake the important mission of anti-terrorism, and is strongly recommended by archaeologists and treasure hunters.