Functional characteristics of hand-held metal detectors

- Nov 30, 2017-

1. The operation is simple and convenient.

2. Hand-held part of the use of non-slip design, easy to work.

3. Operation without directional---when the metal is detected, both sides of the positive and negative alert lights can be issued red alarm.

4. Very low battery consumption---Standby is zero current, working less than 1mA.

5. Extremely high accuracy and sensitivity---can accurately detect minimal metal objects (0.1g or even smaller).

6. Battery voltage Prompts---system constantly detect the power supply, battery failure, low voltage, when the voltage is not detected when the metal when the red alert will be bright, showing the replacement of the battery.

7. Depending on the size of the metal to generate different beep tones, in the noisy environment can be external headphones.