Force security market, AI companies are serious

- Jun 05, 2018-

AI companies have also become a highlight of this year's show. Some AI companies such as Data, Science and Technology News, Yuntian Lifei, Gelinger Shen Hitomi and Yituo have appeared in this exhibition and brought their new technologies and new products. Products; Hikvision, Dahua shares and other security companies have also highlighted their AI products and technologies.


At the exhibition, the author had an in-depth exchange with Yun Zhen Lifei Brand Manager Zhao Zhen, Director of Marketing Planning Tan Minghao and Geling Shen Hitomi Brand Planning Director Deng Jian.


Yun Tian Li Fei was established in September 2015 and has been an AI exclusive animal company for more than two years. Currently, the company has 400 employees and it may exceed 800 this year. As of March 2018, Yun Tian Lifei passed its YunTian "deep eyes" portrait intelligent platform. The number of smart front-end devices deployed in all parts of the country has reached more than 10,000 routes, and the number of dynamic portraits exceeds 8 billion. More than 4000 crimes were solved by the police. As a local company in Shenzhen, Yuntian Lifei has helped the Shenzhen police successfully create an AI+ security system that basically covers the entire Shenzhen area.


In 2017, Yun Tian Li Fei began to walk out of Shenzhen. In one year, the business has covered Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Xinjiang, and other provinces or cities. Yuntian “Deep View” has also become the only one to go to the top five cities in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shenzhen. Portrait recognition system.


In April 2017, the first set of face recognition “Intelligent Pedestrian Red Light Forensics System” developed by Yun Tian Li Fei and the Shenzhen Traffic Police officially launched. The pedestrians were allowed to cross the street for 24 hours without interruption, and the illegal pedestrians were automatically captured and implemented. Intersection on the display. Following the “deep vision” development of large-scale application of smart intelligence in the development of portrait intelligence, Yuntian Lifei assisted Shenzhen traffic police in achieving a milestone in traffic management.


Gelinger Shen Hitomi showed off its deep pupil human eye camera Foveacam at the current exhibition. Deng Jian introduced that this camera is the world’s first camera based on the principle of human eyes, and it mainly adopts original pixel dynamic instantaneous distribution technology. , You can instantly increase the effective pixels of a partial picture by more than a hundred times. Foveacam can achieve a dynamic instantaneous allocation of 200 million pixels, can clearly identify the face within 50 meters, and see the whole body within 100 meters.


Since the day of its establishment, Geling Deep Hit has been working hard for a goal - let the computer understand the world. In the first year of its establishment, the company launched the world’s first “Audio” behavior analyzer based on 3D computer vision technology, followed by the launch of “Wei Mian” vehicle feature recognition systems related to video big data services. Wei-Miao's video structuring system, Wei-wei's face recognition system, and Wei-wei's view big data platform. The "Wei-Mei" system is a product developed for road traffic management and crime tracking. It can carry out vehicle feature recognition, recognize license plates, models, car models, and even identify items inside the car. It can also structure video and incorporate human characteristics. It is identified as 40 tags and searched according to the tags to quickly lock in suspects.


Let AI technology land, is the pursuit of Geling deep pupil. Gelling Shenzhen has changed from an algorithm company to a video big data product and solution provider.


AI companies have become new dark horses in the security market. AI companies have many characteristics of Internet start-up companies, such as relying on financing to become "exclusive beasts." However, the former is only a business model innovation, there is no technical content, and does not require much capital investment. What AI companies rely on is technological innovation. The core of the former is "Internet +," and the core of the latter is "AI +." AI technology is a field of high investment. Many AI companies bring together a large number of returnees, scientific elites, and even scientists. These companies have invested a lot of money in technology research and development. How can they quickly convert high-value scientific research into market efficiency? It is a problem that every AI company faces. At present, the general situation of AI companies is that financing and valuation are high but revenues are low, resulting in the phenomenon of “inverted” investment and output. Most companies in research and development are still in the stage of “burning money” and have little profit. If the AI does not land for a long time, it will be difficult for companies that have strength to continue. Security is an industry market that is currently known to have a large demand for AI technology. AI companies have a profound understanding of this. To put it more seriously, whether or not it can seize the opportunity of the security market is a major issue that determines the life and death of AI companies. Against this background, AI companies urgently need to increase their efforts in the security market in order to compete for more market share. Therefore, starting from last year, it is not surprising that AI companies frequently appear in security industry exhibitions and even local exhibitions. Forces security market, AI companies are serious.