Food Metal Detector Makes Babies Feed Milk Powder Reliable and Guaranteed

- Aug 12, 2019-

Milk powder is not only the dairy products you often buy, but also the main food for babies before their teeth grow out. Therefore, the safety of milk powder directly affects our next generation. How to let babies eat safe dairy products is the common concern of major milk powder manufacturers, and also the most concerned by babies.


Food metal detector can be used to detect metal foreign bodies (including metal debris and metal debris) mixed into milk powder by various uncertain factors in the production process of milk powder production enterprises. The type of machine used in milk powder industry is called drop metal detector. The detector has built-in fast automatic elimination mechanism and can be quickly removed. The waste of milk powder can be reduced by removing the milk powder containing metal impurities from the production line and controlling it with precise control system. The upper side of the machine is a circular upper outlet, which can be connected to the milk powder conveyed through the pipeline. The lower side is two outlets. One is used to connect the lower production pipeline, and the other can be connected to the waste bin for storing the milk powder containing metal foreign substances.

In the milk powder industry, its traditional production process needs to use screening device to screen milk powder, and there are risks in this way. Although impurities and foreign substances contained in milk raw materials can be filtered through screening, if the size of these impurities is smaller than the aperture of screen, there is no way to deal with them. It will still enter the next level of production process directly through screen. What is more worrying is that with the long-term use, the screen will wear and tear because of the passing of milk powder, and the screen will fall into the milk powder after aging, which greatly affects the safety of dairy products.


Similarly, there are many risks in the final stage of milk powder, that is, filling process and equipment maintenance. In the packaging process of milk powder, the packaging machine generally adopts quantitative screw to ensure the weight of each bag of milk powder, and the wear and aging of the quantitative screw after long-term use, as well as the equipment dimension. The nuts and copper wires lost during repair may be mixed into the milk powder. Therefore, it is particularly important to install metal detection machine in milk powder line. Inserting it into the automation pipeline can complete online detection and automatic removal of metal foreign bodies, eliminate metal impurities and effectively ensure the safety of milk powder. At the same time, it can protect other mechanical equipment of the production line from metal foreign bodies. Damage caused by mixing.

Free-falling metal detector adopts compact design and can be easily embedded into any existing pipeline system. The detector system uses high-speed digital signal processor, adopts digital signal processing technology and automatic product recognition memory, effectively restrains the impact of product effects, has high detection accuracy, good stability and avoids. Metal impurities are mixed into milk powder in the production process, which is displayed by LCD color screen. The picture is simple and intuitive, and the operation is simple and concise.