Facial recognition gates and scenic spots together to create a digital scenic spot in the 5G era

- Oct 17, 2020-

In the era of accelerated development of 5G, the speed of digitalization and scenic spots has also accelerated the use of turnstile gates as the endpoints of pedestrian access management. Digital technologies such as 5G, Internet of Things, big data, artificial intelligence, and blockchain are integrated with scenic spots to integrate various Fang resources, docking with various existing management systems, turning the scenic spot into a high-quality digital scenic spot.


What is the difference between turnstile gates in digital scenic spots?

Ordinary scenic spot turnstile gates generally use the scanning code recognition method. The identification method of scenic spots under digital construction is more intelligent. Its turnstile gates integrate face recognition and ID verification. Tourists can swipe their faces in and out of the scenic spot after making an appointment with an ID card. Convenient and fast, and the experience is super good.


Turnstile gates bring great convenience to the entrance and exit management of digital scenic spots:

During the holidays, especially during the Golden Week of the National Holidays, the tourist flow of scenic spots is particularly large, and it is difficult to count the number of people. Especially in open scenic spots, there are many entrances and exits of large and small, and tourist flow statistics are even more difficult. With face recognition Gates, scenic spots can count the number of tourists in the scenic spot in real time, and realize accurate management of tourist flow. The number of tourists counted by gates is transmitted to the back-end command center. The corresponding management plan can be activated according to the real-time number of people. For example, when there are too many people, you can Initiating emergency plans, evacuating tourists out of the scenic area, guiding tourists to decentralized tours, visiting places with few people, etc. This will not only help improve the digitalization of scenic area management, but also improve the tourist experience. At the same time, the epidemic has not yet ended. It is still necessary to pay special attention to the prevention and control of the epidemic. The use of turnstiles for tourist access management can avoid close contact between people and control the number of visitors in the scenic area to avoid excessive crowds and unnecessary hidden dangers.