Explosives detector to strengthen the safety management of freight stations

- Sep 28, 2020-

Explosives detector to strengthen the safety management of freight stations

It is understood that a total of 38 freight stations in Baiyun District have installed license plate recognition and face capture equipment, purchased explosives detectors, innovatively applied information technology, and strengthened the safety management of freight stations. Initial results have been achieved.

The logistics market in Guangzhou is in high demand and the total volume of trucks and goods is huge. More than 94% of the logistics stations in the city are located in Baiyun District. As a cargo transit hub, how to ensure the safe delivery of cargo has become an urgent problem in Baiyun District.


According to the relevant person in charge of the District Branch, Industry and Commerce Information Bureau, due to the traffic flow, venue and security personnel, the freight station is currently unable to completely eliminate the entry of national prohibited and restricted items, due to the lack of effective means to strengthen the entry of explosives Detection, there is a greater security risk. At the same time, the freight industry has a large team of employees, strong mobility, generally low academic qualifications, lack of systematic education and training, and insufficient ability to identify and dispose of flammable and explosive dangerous goods.

"Due to the drive of interests, some illegal businesses take risks and concealed the report of fireworks and firecrackers, disguised as ordinary goods, the risk of transit and entrainment through the freight station has increased significantly." The above-mentioned person in charge said, based on this, Baiyun District actively participates in the development and construction of Guangzhou The city's freight station safety management information system is the first in the country to comprehensively apply information methods to strengthen the safety management of freight stations. Through the use of information technology, the inspection and investigation of incoming trucks and cargo, and the recording and tracking of vehicle and driver information can effectively prevent safety production accidents caused by the illegal flow of explosives into the freight station.


It is reported that this system is divided into two parts: front-end equipment and back-end monitoring system. The front-end equipment includes license plate recognition and face capture equipment. It is located in the entrance lane of the station and is used for vehicle information (license plate, model, Car body color, etc.) and driver information (facial features, etc.) for capturing and identifying. At the same time, there is also explosive detector equipment, which is located in the approach lane. The security personnel hold the hand to detect whether the approaching vehicle is loaded with explosives. It has high detection accuracy and can detect molecular-level explosives, which can effectively detect blocking attempts. Explosives entering the market through concealment and disguise. In addition, it is also equipped with ID card information collection equipment, installed in the security room computer, used to collect the ID card information of the vehicle driver who seized explosives.

The author has learned that there are currently 38 operational freight stations in Baiyun District (34 licensed freight stations and 4 licensed logistics companies are included in freight station management), and there are more than 4,000 business households in Shimen. , Ishii, Taihe and other places. According to field visits and investigations, all the 38 freight stations have installed license plate recognition and face capture equipment as required, and purchased explosives detectors.