Emotional walk through security door? Universal vision in security

- May 14, 2018-

Emotion recognition - a new field of artificial intelligence


The security door equipped with dynamic emotion recognition technology is to give recognition of human emotions to the machine, so that it has the ability to identify and understand emotions. The application scenario of this article is mainly aimed at terrorist attacks or other illegal behaviors. The dynamic emotion recognition technology is to analyze the mental state of a person across a camera and automatically detect the person with a high possibility of crime, thereby preventing terrorist attacks and crimes.


In the field of artificial intelligence, we carry out the concept of emotion + security gatesand explore the next generation of artificial intelligence applications in the field of security. By tapping new requirements, we combine dynamic emotion recognition with security door depth to open up a new application for the security inspection industry. At present, our innovative research work has come to the forefront of similar companies.


Imagine that at crowded stations, airports, important conferences, or concert security entrances, there is no longer any need to stop for manual inspections. Simply walk through a seemingly ordinary passage and you can be informed if the person is emotional or not. Abnormalities were also informed by security personnel to carry out key monitoring or cross-examination, thereby greatly improving traffic efficiency on the premise of ensuring security. Such a high-tech scene may seem remote, but it has actually been implemented in some important areas of public safety. It will gradually be applied to a wider range in the future. The system can be used in conjunction with related equipment to provide early warning and early warning in densely populated areas such as airports, railway stations, docks, and border inspections.


Because of its unique performance, dynamic emotion recognition is called the next generation of human body security "black technology." The security screening equipment developed to identify people with emotional anomalies has also solved a problem in life: Farewell to cumbersome security procedures, not only Safe, efficient, and reliable, and allows people to pass through the security system with more dignity. According to R & D Zhu, the system is still constantly upgrading, expanding its application, the future will be faster and better and more stable series of products launched the market, but also hope to join hands with more experts and manufacturers in the field of security, together The latest industry applications for emotional security doors have contributed.