EAS System Best Partner Door frame Metal Detector Security Gate

- Oct 02, 2019-

EAS System Best Partner Door Frame Metal Detector Security Gate

The so-called EAS system, that is, the commodity electronic anti-theft system in English abbreviation, it uses the work principle of the door frame metal detector, and this security door's working principle is: install the radio frequency detector at the outlet of the shopping mall, then paste the soft label or add the hard label on the commodity, when the payment is made, you can use the soft label or hard label on the product to use the decoder or unlock. Decode or remove the device, so that goods can smoothly pass through the door detector. And those goods with soft or hard labels that are taken away without payment will naturally trigger an alarm when they pass through the detector of the door frame metal detector, thus protecting the economic interests of the shopping mall, and it is also a faster and convenient detection method.


The system consists of a radio frequency detector (detection antenna) and a decoder, and their working principles are as follows:

The decoder is set on the cash register to decode the soft label. It needs AC power supply. The Unlocker is placed on the cash register to take out the nails and recycle the hard label for reuse.

Radio Frequency Detector: It consists of receiving antenna and transmitting antenna (optimum installation distance: 0.9 meters), which will be set up in the outlet channel of the shopping mall to detect electronic tags attached to commodities.

EAS system is mainly applicable to shopping malls, clothing stores, large and medium-sized supermarkets, shopping malls, audio-visual stores, fur shops, toy stores, bookstores, cosmetics stores, bookstores, shoe stores, libraries, open-shelf pharmacies, etc. These places are suitable for installing security gates, so it is more suitable for installing EAS system.