Dredge the silt to reveal the ancient coins and attract thousands of people to dig day and night

- Nov 13, 2019-

Dredge the silt to reveal the ancient coins and attract thousands of people to dig day and night

During the dredging of a river in Linquan County, Anhui Province, ancient coins were found by accident in the sediment extracted. Later, after the video of "treasure digging" was spread through wechat, more and more people gathered. At most, there were thousands of people, and some of them also brought their own lamps to dig at night. Even some people used professional metal detectors!

According to the masses, the news that "treasures are found in the river" began on the 13th. So, the people who heard the news kept digging in the sand day and night with spades, shovels, sieves and other tools, and from time to time, people found coins such as copper coins and copper plates at the scene.

It is understood that the river channel for dredging used to be a wharf, with developed water transport and prosperous commerce. Local elders speculate that these coins may have been lost in the trading process on the wharf or sunk on the ships in the river.

This matter soon attracted the attention of the local cultural relics department and has been involved. According to the staff of the County Museum, it was preliminarily determined to be the modern coins brought out by the river pumping and dredging construction after site inspection.

The staff continued to conduct field investigation and found no valuable items such as copper coins and copper plates dug up by the masses at the scene. However, it was found that some people were selling copper money and copper plates. After questioning, they admitted that they had bought them from the local stall and lied that they were selling them to the masses at a high price. According to the preliminary identification of the museum staff, these copper coins and copper plates are fake. "If these are real Qing Dynasty copper coins and copper plates, the market value is only 3-5 yuan / piece, please do not be fooled." On the spot, they confiscated the fake coins of cultural relics dealers and criticized them.

The staff reminded that the coins drawn from dredging are all modern, so they are not of great value. They hope that the masses will not listen to the rumors, because there are many people gathered at the scene, so they must protect their own safety