Door Frame Metal Detector Security Gate Shows Its Function in Holidays

- Sep 13, 2019-

In order to ensure the travel safety of holiday passengers, Dalian Railway Public Security Department dispatches 30 police officers to Dalian Railway Station every day, and arranges for the security inspection office, waiting room, waiting area, ticket gate and other places respectively. At the same time, several door frame metal detectors are installed to make the railway station as strict as the airport security inspection details, so as to be more accurate. Ensure passengers to appear smoothly, safely and happily.


At the same time, in order to establish a good image of Dalian Railway Station, the Dalian Railway Public Security Department has also set up various sub-units of the joint rectification team of public security police, special police and traffic police, focusing on strengthening patrol and rectification of Dalian Railway Station, promptly and quickly clearing up and collecting information, taxi soliciting passengers, carrying bags and soliciting passengers, bargaining around stations and other undesirable public security issues. Secondly, the traffic police detachment also dispatches the traffic police to the entrance and exit of Dalian Railway Station, sets up post checks, severely cracks down on "black cars", directs traffic, centralizes the management of the random parking of motor vehicles, and then ensures the smooth access to and from the station; Train police should patrol the carriages on duty to publicize security to passengers. Fully guard against common sense and enhance passengers'self-protection consciousness.

At the same time, in order to avoid passengers bringing dangerous goods to the train, the railway police also strictly enforce the standards of "goods through security machines, people through security doors" and "one thing, one person without leaving, one moment without loosening", so as to ensure the safety of passengers and friends.