Detoxification station adopts terahertz human security tester

- Jun 04, 2018-


Beijing Tiankang Detox Drug Rehabilitation Agency is a public welfare drug rehabilitation agency established in 2012. It provides free drug rehabilitation training to those who voluntarily and really want to get rid of drugs. Every time a rehabilitated person enters a place, he or she must undergo security and urine tests to determine whether or not to take drugs and carry drugs before they can enter.


     Entering the staff into the gate, on the side of the security room, the first security. The Tiankang detoxification station turned out to be the most advanced human body imaging security instrument - the terahertz human body security instrument. Some people are worried that this security instrument will have radiation, security personnel explained in detail that this is the latest technology produced by the terahertz security instrument, after the technical demonstration of harmless to the human body. This human body imaging security inspection instrument was introduced at the beginning of this year. It can carry out a comprehensive scan from top to bottom from the top to the bottom of the rehabilitation personnel and their family members. It takes only about 2 minutes to find out about it. Whether to carry "foreign objects" with you. In addition, the rehabilitation personnel also have to undergo urine tests to confirm whether the rehabilitation personnel have relapsed behavior. Therefore, the security check here is more stringent than the airport security check.