Dangerous liquid detector in station

- Nov 21, 2019-

Dangerous liquid detector in station

The author has learned that the handheld dangerous liquid detector has been used in the West and east bus stations of urban passenger transport to carry out precise inspection on the liquid carried by the passengers entering the station, and strictly prevent the dangerous goods and contraband from entering the station and getting on the train.

In the morning, Zhang nutu, who was going to take a bus from the west station to Hangzhou, was stopped by the security inspector when she arrived with a bottle of mineral water. "Please check the liquid in your hand." The security inspector holds an instrument that looks like a "flashlight" and scans the liquid tank with infrared rays. It takes only one second. The green light on the instrument screen lights up and "safety" is displayed in Chinese. In this way, Zhang nutu passed the security check smoothly.

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"For the liquid tank with unidentified outer package, it used to be unpacked, and passengers need to open the bottle for a drink. Most of the contradictions are focused on the security checkpoint. Now the handheld dangerous liquid detector is used, which can quickly identify whether dangerous goods are brought into the station and greatly improve the efficiency of security inspection. " Said Li Xianbao, a security inspector.

It is understood that the indicator light of the hand-held dangerous liquid detector is green (the Chinese display is "safety"), indicating that the liquid in the container is nonflammable; if the display is red (the Chinese display is "danger"), indicating that the liquid is dangerous. The detector can detect nearly 30 kinds of flammable and explosive dangerous liquids, such as gasoline, kerosene, diesel oil, etc.