Dahua shares strategic agreement with traffic police in Hangzhou to promote smart transportation

- May 11, 2018-

In recent days, Dahua signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the Xiasha Brigade of the Traffic Police Detachment of the Hangzhou Public Security Bureau. The two sides will continue to pursue the purpose of exploring the road of cooperation between police and enterprises and jointly set up a “Smart Transport Joint Laboratory” to promote the construction of smart transportation under artificial intelligence. New service model. The main leaders of both parties attended the signing ceremony and jointly unveiled the laboratory.


President Zhang Xingming first introduced the development history of the company and the “smart, full-calculated, full-feeling, and full-ecology” artificial intelligence strategic layout. As the world's leading video-intellectual IoT solution provider and operating service provider, Dahua shares, based on core technological innovations, continuously increase R&D investment and implement sustainable development strategies; Dahua shares great importance In cooperation with the enterprise, the Zhejiang University established the "Postdoctoral Research Rover" and introduced a large number of highly sophisticated professionals. Through years of development, Dahua has obtained a series of complete AI chips, core algorithms, and hardware and software products. Technical achievements of independent intellectual property rights. Taking this strategic cooperation as an opportunity, Dahua will combine its own industry experience and products, solutions and technical advantages in the field of smart transportation for more than 10 years to provide professional and timely services and support for the management of Xiasha Traffic Police Brigade.


The instructor of the Xiasha Traffic Police Brigade stated that the Xiasha Development Zone was positioned as the Vice City of Hangzhou. In recent years, the overall development has been very rapid. The population of the area and the ownership of motor vehicles have been increasing year by year, which has greatly increased the complexity of traffic management work. To this end, the Xiasha Traffic Police Brigade attaches great importance to science and technology to strengthen the police, traffic control innovation, since 2012, and maintain close cooperation with Dahua shares, in-depth exploration of "video surveillance, intellisense, vehicle big data, face recognition" and other fields, in focus The personnel, vehicle control, off-site law enforcement, and signal light control have achieved remarkable results. In the future, the two parties will continue to work hand in hand to build the Xiasha Traffic Police Brigade’s construction of a strong science and technology police to become a benchmark in Hangzhou. The deputy chief of the Xiasha Traffic Police Brigade introduced and fully affirmed the results of past cooperation. He hoped that Dahua shares will continue to deepen its efforts in the intelligent transportation industry. The leaders of the Science and Technology Informatization Department of the Municipal Public Security Bureau Traffic Police Detachment affirmed the results of the previous cooperation between the two parties and expressed congratulations on the signing of the strategic cooperation agreement, emphasizing the business needs of the Xiasha Traffic Police Brigade and the technical strength of Dahua. It is hoped that the two sides will use this opportunity to further deepen cooperation and further enhance the level of intelligence in traffic management in Xiasha to achieve win-win cooperation.


At the signing ceremony, the two parties reached a consensus on the cooperation model of the "Smart Transport Joint Laboratory" and the strategic goal of "innovative smart transportation." In the future, Dahua shares and the Xiasha Traffic Police Brigade will use the “strategic cooperation agreement” as a new starting point to continuously optimize the current business applications and focus on traffic big data, big data visualization, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, three-dimensional command, and smart travel. Smart in-depth cooperation in areas such as operation and maintenance, to jointly promote the application of high-tech product solutions in Xiasha, and create a new pattern of traffic intelligence.