Control Tools Discovered in Security Inspection of Yining Airport in Xinjiang

- Feb 15, 2019-

In order to ensure the smooth convening of the "Asian Expo" and the "Eighteenth National Congress", Yining Airport Security Station recently assigned two additional security inspectors to the second security inspection post of the terminal building to carry out full-time security checks on all personnel, baggage and articles entering the terminal. After inspection, it was found that some passengers'carry-on baggage contained self-locking knives, daggers and other controlled knives.


In this regard, Yining Airport Security Station reminds passengers that self-locking knives, spring knives and daggers belong to controlled knives according to the Regulations on Safety and Security of Civil Aviation of China. It is forbidden to carry them with you and check them as checked baggage. If it is found in the security inspection, it will be handed over to the airport public security organ, which will bring unnecessary trouble to the airport.

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