Comprehensive digital transformation of the metal separator industry

- Sep 29, 2020-

Comprehensive digital transformation of the metal separator industry

We all know that metal separators use the principle of electromagnetic induction to detect metal, but most of them don’t know which type of detection signal is. The signal is divided into two types: analog signal and digital signal. Today we will analyze it from a professional perspective. :

In China, the metal detection industry has also undergone decades of development. In the early stage, it was limited by the production technology at that time. The first generation of products used analog signals for detection, transmission and analysis, just like the early mobile phone signals. This kind of old-fashioned equipment is not bad in its detection performance at the beginning of its use, but there is an obvious defect, that is, the service life is not long. Generally, the detection performance will be greatly reduced after 2-3 years. The reason is that the product is used for a long time. The signal phase will shift and weaken, so I will withdraw from the market slowly later.

In order to supplement the defects of analog signals, the metal detector equipment developed in the mid-term adopts a combination of analog and digital signals. Using large-scale integrated circuits, the CPU completes the collection of analog signals and converts them into digital quantities for processing, output and automatic search. The optimal point of the metal content of the detected object is displayed on the LCD screen, which greatly improves the reliability and intelligence of the product to a certain extent. At present, there are more applications of this product on the market, because Relatively speaking, there are certain advantages in price, and the service life is relatively longer.


With the rapid development of China’s economy, a fully digitalized smart metal separator has come out. The latest smart phone adopts the current advanced metal detection technology, and uses high-speed signal processing technology, photoelectric integration technology, high-speed signal filtering technology, and automatic phase adjustment technology. Self-balancing technology, multi-frequency application technology, etc., the metal detection sensitivity is higher, the stability is better, and the service life is longer. It can be applied to a wide range of industries. It is also the most widely used in the market. According to predictions, it will not be used. How soon, the fully digital metal separator will be fully applied in the market, and the metal detection industry will also be fully digitalized.

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