Common Sense of Security Inspection for May Day Travel

- Jun 18, 2019-

This May 1st Labor Day, four days'short and long vacation, the May 1st toll road is free. It's time to go out for a walk. Here, from the point of view of security inspection, we have a little knowledge of travel security inspection:


1. Get to airport, high-speed rail/railway station, subway and bus station ahead of time to pass security check.

Many of us choose to travel or return home during the May Day holiday. The way we travel is sea, land and air. We often use airplanes, trains, subways, cars and so on. The May Day holiday belongs to the peak period of travel. We have to arrive a little earlier because we need to have security checks on public transport, many people need to queue up, and airports need to advance 2. Hour arrival, bus stations, high-speed rail, railway stations generally arrive at least half an hour ahead of schedule, and the subway depends on its own situation.

2. Please bring identification documents for security inspection.

For airports, high-speed rail / railway stations, bus stations, we need to prepare not only tickets, but also identification documents, such as identity cards, passports, Hong Kong and Macao passes, military personnel cards and so on.

3. What prohibited items can't be carried and can't pass the security inspection?

In order to ensure safe travel, security inspection requires that all items must be checked by security inspection department. If suspicious items are found by open-box (package) inspection, security inspectors will random check if necessary. We have to cooperate with the inspection of security inspectors. During the safety inspection, be careful not to omit the personal belongings you put in the basket.

Prohibited articles: guns (including all kinds of simulated toy guns, micro launchers and various types of offensive weapons), ammunition, ordnance, police equipment, explosives, inflammable and explosive articles, highly toxic articles, radioactive articles, corrosive articles, dangerous solutions and other embargoed items are carried on board the aircraft or clipped in baggage and cargo for consignment. Once the above items are found out, they are immediately handed over to the public security organs for disposal.

4. Can't ordinary goods pass security check be handled like this?

If we find that some items can not pass the security inspection, we have two choices: first, discard the items that can not pass the security inspection, because the security inspection department generally does not set up custody or storage services; second, refuse to lose, choose to keep the goods, do not take public transport, refund tickets.