College entrance exams

- May 17, 2018-

In June, the annual college entrance examination is approaching, and the security and new policies of the examination halls across the country have also surfaced. What new measures will be taken by provinces and cities in this year's college entrance examination? The fairness of the exam is very important and it is equally important to create a safe exam environment for students.


Gansu Province: The radio signal monitoring vehicle is fully deployed during the college entrance examination

The Gansu 2018 college entrance examination system continues to implement the county and county invigilator teachers "double tone" system, the college entrance examination inspection, uniform use of stationery, and resolutely crack down on the college entrance examination collective crime. During the examination, video surveillance was enabled in all examination rooms, examination rooms, and surrounding areas in Gansu Province; radio management committees at all levels must fully mobilize radio signal monitoring vehicles to conduct round robin detection and detect and interfere with and block harmful radio signals; public security agencies at all levels must The relevant departments have severely cracked down on serious violations of laws and regulations, such as cheating and organized gang fraud, using radio signals inside and outside the examination room.


Sichuan Province: Triple Validation to Prevent Cheating

In 2018, in order to ensure the standardized and accurate information collection of candidates and to guard against illegal activities such as cheating, the candidate authentication system will be built and used for the first time in the college entrance examination. This is also part of the construction of standardized test centers.


According to reports, on the candidate's authentication terminal device, there is an area where ID information is swiped. Candidates need to place the ID card on the instrument and complete identification within 3 seconds. The fingerprint identification area is next to the verification ID area. Candidates press their index finger here, and identity-related information such as ID cards, photos, and test numbers can be displayed on the screen. They must be in one-to-one correspondence with the candidate.


In addition, the instrument is equipped with a camera. In the case that the examinee's ID card and fingerprint information do not match, the invigilator can take photos of the candidates and upload the instrument to wait for confirmation. The entire process takes only a few seconds. When a candidate enters the venue, he/she identifies the candidates’ second-generation ID cards, cheeks, and fingerprint features.Compare with the information gathered in the confirmation process of the registration site to verify the identity of candidates and effectively ensure that the candidates are true and no one cheats.


Shandong Province: video surveillance cheats on the spot exposure

During the spring exam in Shandong Yantai held from May 10th to 11th, two invigilators were assigned to each examination room and they were from different schools. A number of mobile invigilators are outside the examination room. The invigilator was selected for rotation. Each test center before each exam will use lottery to determine the invigilator's examination room. The invigilator shall not arbitrarily change the examination room and wear a soft-soled invigilator.


During the examination, the Asia-Pacific City Admissions Center will specially arrange for 4 video invigilators to conduct on-line inspections, and require all test centers to strengthen the management of the video surveillance room. The video invigilators will be required to enter the staff according to the standard equipment of no more than 16 examination rooms per person. Wear a work permit. At any time, there must be no less than 2 persons in the surveillance room. The video invigilator records the "Video Monitoring Record".


The examination process will be implemented throughout the video, after the end of the examination, the examination room security room, the test site monitoring video hard drive with the test questions and answer cards will be handed to the city's recruitment center the first time.


When a candidate enters the hall, the invigilator will use a metal detector to perform a security check on the candidate. It is forbidden to bring illegal items such as mobile phones into the examination room. Before the test, the mobile phone signal masker should be turned on to shield the wireless communication signal. The invigilators perform the "four-core pairing" of the candidate and the admission ticket, the ID card, and the examination table of candidates. After the examination begins, another invigilator conducts a “five-core check”. At the same time, a special person uses the ID card reader to test the candidate’s ID card. In principle, each candidate will be checked at least once during the examination, and the examination records will be kept for future reference. **behavior.


Jiangxi Province: Candidates forbid the band to distribute the silent wall clock

This year's Jiangxi college entrance examination, because the watch can not be brought into the examination room, in order to facilitate candidates to master the examination time, this year will be unified in each examination room configuration mute wall clock.


It is understood that in order to prevent all types of miniature electronic communication receiving devices from being hidden or disguised and carried into the examination room, Jiangxi continues to implement uniform examinations in the province. Except for admission tickets and ID cards, candidates are prohibited from taking any test supplies into the examination room. Brought into the examination room. Candidates must undergo security screening before entering the venue. All examination rooms will be equipped with metal detectors for security inspections. Invigilators will follow the prescribed procedures to examine candidates one by one.


Guangdong Province: One-third of College Entrance Exam Wireless Control Prevents Cheating

Since 2013, Guangzhou City has begun installing electronic eyes for high examination paper transport vehicles to ensure that the test papers are recorded and monitored from the transportation, distribution, recovery, and storage procedures. This year has not only continued to use electronic eye prevention and control. In addition, the wireless prevention and control system originally used in only two test sites has been promoted in large areas this year. There are 20 test sites installed with wireless control systems. Each area has its own distribution, accounting for the total number of test sites. one third.


It is understood that this wireless control system can directly shield mobile phones, walkie-talkies, WIFI and other signals, to eliminate high-tech radio cheating. Because many examination centers in Guangzhou are not limited to the use of college entrance examinations, but are a permanent test center for many types of examinations, the frequency of use of this system is very high. Although the cost of the prevention and control system at each test site is close to RMB 100,000, its anti-cheating effect is significant and it is expected to be fully promoted in the future.


Anhui Province: 26,000 examination rooms will have full video surveillance

The 2018 college entrance examination will be held on June 7th and 8th. In the college entrance examination center of Anhui Province, all the 26,000 examination rooms are monitored. Public halls, stairs and other public places outside the examination hall are also included in the video surveillance area and are on the college entrance examination website. The monitoring platform can be monitored on the spot. At that time, the province’s examination room and surrounding areas will be “viewing”.


The college entrance examination seems to be a student, but a prerequisite, how to ensure that the starting point of the exam is fair, fair and open, which requires the relevant manufacturers, in the layout of the examination room, can monitor the behavior of the candidates, so that more students can To participate in the college entrance examination in a fair, fair and open manner. At the same time, from the business point of view, the college entrance examination monitoring will certainly become the next focus on the market!