Cinema Metal Detection Security Gate to Avoid Emergencies

- Apr 17, 2019-

Nowadays, a science fiction film directed by Guo Fan and starring Wu Jing and Li Guangjie has been released for 15 days, with a box office of 3.949 billion. Of course, Xiaobian contributes a lot to the box office. But it is not the movies that attract Xiaobian after going to the cinema, but the metal detection doors of the cinema and the X-ray security machines of the cinema that attract Xiaobian.


Before going to the cinema, you only need to accept ticket checks to go to the cinema. Now some large cinema entrances can see X-ray security machines similar to airport security checks. Audiences have to accept ticket checks and security checks before entering the cinema. Cinema is a public place for audiences to show films, so security and security inspection work has also been highly valued, and comprehensive inspection is carried out in key areas to effectively eliminate all kinds of potential safety hazards.

Therefore, in order to avoid emergencies, it is very necessary to install metal detection security doors in cinemas and X-ray security machines in cinemas, as well as to reduce adverse social effects. Kunshan Sanxun Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., a manufacturer of metal detection security doors in cinemas, has been specializing in the production of cinema security gates, cinema X-ray security machines, metal detection doors, metal security gates and metal detection security for 15 years. Inspection, quality assurance, metal detection and security door price concessions, cinema X-ray security machine price concessions, favored by the majority of new and old customers, welcome to negotiate, consult, visit and purchase.