Campus Security Inspection Solution

- Apr 10, 2019-

The occurrence of school violence has given birth to the market demand of school security gates. Practice has proved that the use of school security gates for visitors is also very feasible, which fundamentally guarantees the personal and property safety of teachers and students. Generally speaking, schools will install metal detection doors at their gates, and mainly domestic metal security doors. Every day in school, after school time, in important sections of the road, public security departments to strengthen patrols, is almost universal means. Such measures will certainly have a good deterrent effect on the perpetrators; in addition, such measures as the establishment of campus security detachment by Chongqing Public Security Department, the deployment of full-time school police to primary and secondary schools and kindergartens, and the preparation of Guangzhou to set up security gates at the school gate to prevent the entry of lethal weapons and dangerous goods can also be used for reference.


Installation environment requirements for security gates:

AT-008A metal detection security gates with strong stability, high detection sensitivity and advanced functional configuration are welcomed by the market. Campus security gates such as this can more safely and effectively prevent and control foreign dangerous elements, and eliminate potential dangers in the bud.

1. 220V AC power supply should be provided by the security gate.

2. Keep away from fire doors, shoe cabinets, lockers, gypsum walls, aluminum steel plate walls and other large moving metal objects 1 metre away. Far away from the distribution cabinet, high-power motor, elevator, air conditioning compressor, strong electric cell and other strong magnetic field equipment, so as to avoid unnecessary external magnetic field interference when the security gate works, thereby improving the inspection accuracy and accuracy of the security gate.

3. External installation requires additional sunshade awning, the ground can not be flooded when it rains, if there will be flooding, please make a cement platform higher than the ground.


Practical operation of security gates:

1. The metal content of the metal products detected by the security gate is not less than one yuan coin, which can accurately detect the location of the metal products carried in the human body. According to the needs of customers, the sensitivity of the metal products can be adjusted to achieve * alarm detection effect.

2. The sensitivity can be adjusted to shield metal buttons, zippers, belts, keys, coins, and even mobile phones in human clothing, and the metal beyond the prescribed range can produce sound and light alarms.

3. Place long tables, blue objects and conveyor belts beside the security gate to facilitate the removal of metal objects when passing through the security gate, thereby reducing the possible alarm area. The location security with alarm can use hand-held metal detectors for further inspection, increasing the speed of personnel, improving work efficiency and monitoring role.


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