Beijing University Checkpoint Security Upgrade, Armed Police Stationed walk through metal detector

- May 17, 2018-

On June 9th, the college entrance examination marking began. The marking room on the second floor of the Computing Center of Peking University was tightly guarded. Security guards declined to take photos.


About 60 readers were stationed at Peking University and began to evaluate the Chinese language exams for the Beijing College Entrance Examination. This year, Peking University’s newly established standardization review point was officially launched. For the first time, security doors and aluminum alloy security doors were set up. Security guards and security checkers were deployed. Armed police officers were also stationed at the checkpoints, and security was fully upgraded. Each person entering the check room received manual inspections. .


Candidates are not allowed to pass the answer

This year, Beijing University’s Computing Center has a total of eight computer rooms for marking, of which six are on the second floor and two on the third floor. At the evaluation stage, the marking teachers were mainly checked in the fourth floor, the fifth and the sixth floor of the computer room.


According to the introduction of the staff, the computers used for marking are physically isolated from the outside world, not only cutting off the connection to the Internet, but also marking the wireless network in the marking area. There are more than 20 surveillance cameras in the review point, and each marking room is monitored in real time.


Compared with last year, Beijing University’s security checkpoints have been fully upgraded this year. At 8 o'clock in the morning yesterday, the warning line was pulled up at the entrance to the second floor of the Beijing University’s computing center. A rectangular security door with a height of more than two meters was erected at the entrance to the fourth, fifth, and sixth room. Security guards are placed next to the cordon, and female security inspectors check security personnel entering the marking area at any time.


According to reports, mobile phones, lighters, etc. are contraband products and are prohibited from being brought into the marking area. The reviewing teachers are not able to pass the candidates in any form to reply; they must not record the answers of the candidates; they must not examine the score data and the scores of the examinees without permission; before the evaluation of the scores, scores, and the completion of review, no one may disclose the college entrance examination in advance. Performance data and candidate scores.


"Back to back" two questions

On the evening of June 8, a server storing language test papers arrived at the Peking University Computing Center. At 8:30 a.m. yesterday, the heads of language review teams and experienced reviewing teachers entered the reading point and began to test the assessment papers. The evaluation will last for 3 days. At the time of the evaluation, the heads of the major questions and the team leader will formulate the scoring standards for subjective questions such as Chinese composition and reading through reviewing and discussing the papers.


On June 12th, language reviewers will be in place to conduct training and evaluation. The standard for marking will be clearly defined. After familiar with the sample files, formal marking will begin.


It is understood that in order to ensure the fairness of reading, the city's online paper review adopts the topic of "back-to-back". When the scores given by the two scoring instructors exceed the specified error values, the system will automatically distribute the examination papers to the third reading teacher for “three readings” or even “four readings”. If there are still errors, the reading leader and the experts Conduct "arbitration."


In science and mathematics and mathematics subjects, because of the standard answer, when reading "back to back" and reading two questions, they must have "zero error." As long as the scores given by the two scoring instructors are not the same, they must be "three readings."


It is understood that language reading will continue from June 9 to 18, and math readings are expected to continue from June 9 to June 16.


Hundreds of college teachers review English volumes

The reporter learned from the Beijing Second Foreign Language College (Admissions Office) that foreign language papers will be reviewed at the school. As of June 9th, the examination papers are still being scanned and the marking has not yet begun.


It is understood that the second reading point also belongs to the standard marking point, and it is completely closed at the time of marking to ensure the safety of the marking. There will be hundreds of college teachers, as well as experienced secondary school teachers from all districts and counties participating in foreign language examinations. Due to changes in the type of questions this year, the progress of the specific marking process has not yet been determined.


At present, Beijing has established a database of assessment teacher resources and has a relatively stable rating team. In the college entrance examinations last year, among the teachers who participated in the examination, more than 60% of the teachers in colleges and universities were up.