Automatic weight detector is an effective recheck mechanism for product quality of enterprises

- Oct 16, 2019-

The workshops of most production-oriented manufacturing enterprises and product unit primary processing enterprises think that it is necessary to use automatic weight detector in food, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, beverage and transportation / logistics industries, as well as in chemical, automobile and metal industries, and regard it as the key equipment of effective quality assurance mechanism of production line weight detection.

Dynamic weight detector, also known as automatic weight detector, is a good helper to help the increasingly competitive market to meet the changing customer needs, as well as to meet the local measurement standards and regulations, and to detect the product unit weight on the workshop production line.


The reason why an enterprise installs the weight recheck scale can effectively ensure the qualified rate of the products, and it can achieve this goal by integrating it into the on-line weighing control system of the specific goal, the expected result and the automatic weight detection mechanism with clear measurement index.

Suzhou aoteng Electronic Technology Co., Ltd., a manufacturer specializing in the research, development, production and sales of on-line automatic weighing machines, aims to help manufacturers establish this mechanism. An effective automatic weight detection mechanism can prevent product failure and recall, help to comply with local measurement criteria, and reduce overall operating costs. The mechanism can also confirm that reasonable precautions have been taken and due diligence has been carried out in the manufacturing process in case of legal claims or audit.

From the basic principle to the implementation of integrated and systematic comprehensive mechanism, the extensive use of automatic weight detector in various industries will be the function of "online weighing control system" and automatic weight inspection, as well as an effective re inspection mechanism for product unit quality established by guiding workshop production process planners and factory designers to complete the mechanism configuration and management process.

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