AT Metal Separator Helps You Improve the Efficiency of Plastic Production and Processing

- May 27, 2019-

In recent years, plastics production and processing enterprises generally feel unprecedented competitive pressure. In the long run, in order to maintain the competitiveness of the industry, enterprises must provide higher quality products, and the premise is to make the production process more efficient. Highly automated production can minimize downtime, help reduce production costs and improve production efficiency.


The smooth operation of the production machine depends largely on the metal impurity content of the processed plastic particles or recycled materials. Particularly in the process of recycling materials to reduce costs, the metal impurities contained in particles often lead to production shutdown. Metal impurities in processed materials can also cause hot runner blockage and damage to tools, nozzles, check valves, cylinders and plastic screw. It takes a lot of valuable time to solve such failures, but it also affects the productivity of enterprises. In order to ensure that the use of recycled materials can effectively save costs for enterprises, at the same time, the product quality is fully up to the standard, avoid shutdown failure and improve production efficiency, most of the plastic production and processing enterprises choose metal separators.

Increasing Machine Running Time - Avoiding Failures

SUZHOU AOTENG has various iron removal systems T and metal separators, which can be applied to various fields of plastic production and processing industry. AT metal separator is mainly used to protect processing machinery and tools. Their application can effectively avoid the shutdown failure caused by the metal impurities contained in the processed particles, and improve the sustainability and efficiency of production. Plastic screw, nozzle, check valve and cylinder are reliably protected.

For extruders and blow moulding machines, the application of metal separators can avoid blockage of melt filters and nozzles caused by metal impurities, which further leads to shutdown and production accidents. For injection moulding machines, metal separators can protect tools, hot runners and check valves. Durable AOTENG equipment also provides fast return on investment.

Reducing Waste and Improving Product Value

AT metal separator ensures the purity of plastic products, so it is an important part of product quality assurance. The blockage of hot runner caused by metal impurities will affect the quality of injection moulding. Metal separator can avoid such errors and ensure the perfect quality of products. The use of metal separators significantly reduces the melt stress (scab formation). The reduction of waste also means the reduction of cost, and customer satisfaction will be effectively improved. After using metal separators in many plastic industries, it is said that the quality of plastic products can be greatly improved by using metal separators. The reduction of waste makes full use of raw materials. In addition, AOTENG sets very high standards for the quality, function and workmanship of its own products. So we can gain long-term trust from our customers