AT-1066 walk through metal detector supports intelligent unmanned control software, which can be linked at any time.

- Nov 27, 2018-


With the advent of the era of intellectualization, in order to save the cost of enterprise personnel; intelligent unmanned security channel control has become a must-have trend of the times. Our security equipment supports intelligent software management functions to achieve idealized on-site management and control configuration. The device is wirelessly linked with a regulatory management back office. It can save people's capital for each security inspection channel for 6-7 million yuan a year. If there are 50 channels, it will save 3.5 million yuan for the enterprise, and the equipment life will be at least 5 years. In the case of five years, the enterprise will save 17.5 million. . Unmanned management will be the ideal choice for all businesses. Oteng adheres to the concept of integrity, mutual assistance and innovation, and pursues the dream of unmanned intelligent management for more demanding enterprises.


System function description


The following device linkages can be supported at any time: face device/access control linkage/CCTV/personnel information/software integration



I. Abnormal warning solution:

1. If the personnel detects the abnormality through the security door, the voice prompt is given on the scene and the instant warning (pop-up window) prompts the security center to facilitate the first time processing and upload the corresponding personnel information record.

2. If the person's face is compared to identify abnormal identity information, a voice prompt is given on the scene and an instant warning (pop-up window) is performed and the record is uploaded. (In and out of frequent personnel, unauthorized personnel across the district)

4. The abnormal alarm background provides a 2 minute video for quick viewing. After the administrator watches it, the processing time is only 5 minutes, and of course it can be shorter.

two. System record

1. The person leaves the time, carries the item and whether there is any abnormality, and the file is automatically archived.

2. The work report can be generated intelligently according to time period, region, name, abnormal situation, etc.

3. The on-site face recognition machine supports CCTV full-time recording and provides 90 days to query information and support memory expansion capacity.



  3. Control Center

To achieve the above control functions, you need to configure a control center.