Are you still worried about the explosion? Metal Safety Gate Manufacturers Prevent for Enterprises

- Apr 13, 2019-

Jiangsu Runke mainly invests in infrastructure construction and housing construction, so what is the reason for purchasing security gates? Since the explosion of Tianjin factories, there have been frequent safety accidents all over the country, such as the explosion of Kunshan flour mill, the explosion of Yancheng sound water, etc., so the safety problem has become a particularly important issue for design and enterprises. In the construction site, especially the construction site with power system and inflammable materials, it is necessary to eliminate the fire source, such as lighters and other metal items.


Security door, also known as metal detection door, is a special security equipment used to detect metal items. When a metal-containing fire engine is carried through the security door, it will give an alarm. Security personnel can deal with the fire at the first time. Avoid fire.

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