Are BRT security measures effective?

- Apr 06, 2019-

As early as 2012, a citizen had posted a post on the safety of BRT bus. According to the online post, Xiamen BRT bus was packed with more than 100 people in the carriage during rush hours. Once an accident happened, people in the carriage could not even turn around. How to escape? And Xiamen BRT security measures were also criticized. According to the official investigation, the accident was caused by arson, and the combustion aids were gasoline. Reporters interviewed a number of Xiamen citizens, all reflect that there is no need for security checks before taking the BRT bus. Why is there no corresponding security measures for this kind of transportation similar to the subway?


Xiao Fan, 25, has lived in Xiamen for more than two years. She told reporters that she had never seen a security check at BRT station in her two years of commuting by BRT.

According to media reports, "In the past three years, 56 incidents of passengers carrying inflammable and explosive contraband on board have been found. These prohibited items are common diesel oil, paint, hydrogen peroxide, small bottles of liquefied gas, knives and so on. Because the crew found and banned boarding in time, there was no accident. Xiamen BRT Station Company reported in a 2011 report.

According to media reports, in August 2011, Xiamen BRT Station Company and the bus police station jointly carried out inspection activities, said that starting in September of that year, Xiamen BRT station will be arranged for at least one full-time security personnel. At that time, Jiang Haiying, deputy director of the bus police station, said that it was not for every passenger to ask for inspection, but for those with large bags and small bags and suspicious personnel, under voluntary circumstances, let passengers cooperate with the inspection. If contraband is detected, either the passengers are not allowed to take the car or the passengers are not allowed to get on the bus. If passengers do not cooperate with the inspection, but also forcibly boarding, alarm according to the situation.

In this regard, yesterday reporters connected to interview Xiamen BRT bus, the relevant responsible person hung up the phone for unclear reasons. According to Fujian Daily, at the conference held yesterday, BRT buses that have been restored to operation will be equipped with a plainclothes security officer each time, responsible for protecting passengers'safety.